Kikimoon #fundie

There is women who lives on my street for several years. She is very introvent, intelligent and kinda pretty for her age in my opinion. She lives by herself with her animals.

We used to not speak to each other much but we sorta became friends while I was voluntering for toys-for-tots and she was voluntering to. She is the only women around here who is my age and not married or divorced with children. She doesn't seem bitter about it all. She is actually pretty content and happy.

She's been all over the world, has read nearly a thousand books and rides a motorcycle! I loved listening to her talk it was so refreshing to talk to another women wothout it being about babies or husbands.

We do differ in politics. She is extremely liberal boarding socialist through she denies it. She dislikes Obama because "He's to conservative" <rolling eyes smilie>

Yesterday, I was asked her what church she went to. She started getting shifty and nervous. She said she didn't go to church so I invited her to mine. She said "no Thank you" and tried to change the subject.

I kept pressing her until finally she told me

"I'm an atheist" I was in shock. I never met an atheist in real life before.We got into a hudge argument and then I asked her "To prove there was no God"

She answered back "Okey will look at the method you used to prove that Zeus and Thor aren't real and will start from there"

This made me more upset and angry she ended up leaving. I am very upset right now. How can I prove the truth to her <shrugging smilie>



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