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[Part of an overview of Marvel Comics from a white nationalist point of view]

Sure, most of the characters were, and still are, White, but the most appealing White characters have always been strong supports of aracial constitutional patriotism, with an opposition to the values of “intolerance” (sic) that nationalists would favor.

One can argue that the racially liberal White Marvel of the past set the stage for the more multiracial Marvel of today. If Peter Parker were not such a bleeding heart racial liberal (reflecting the attitudes of his creators), then his “Ultimate” (but not original) version would never have been killed off to make way for a “person of color.” Steve Rogers, Captain America, may represent “Whiteness” physically, but did he ever represent nationalist values? That comic characterized racial nationalists as the very personification of evil, and showed Rogers with a Negro partner and a Jewish lover. “Whiteness”?

Similarities between Marvel Comics and Hollywood with respect to their treatment of ethnicity and race are not surprising, given the similar ethnic origins of both institutions. Films, TV, books, comics, or whatever the medium, the extended phenotypes of particular ethnic groups are always expressed, and it is clear that these extended phenotypes are incompatible with the long-term well-being of European-derived peoples.



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