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Women had better learn how to fight for “their” rights.

When I mean fight, I font mean protest marches and lawsuits.

They better be ready to do all the fighting, bleeding, and dying.

They have taken everything away from men.

Adding up the suicide-inducing misery of the 9/11 wars, the unwillingness of politicians to win despite an overwhelming firepower advantage, and the treatment of men as second class citizens; I don’t expect many men to volunteer in the future.

I still remember all the patriotic fervor following the 9/11 attacks of all the young, niave men willing to sacrifice themselves. That goodwill was spit on and squandered by the Washington elite.

I can’t ever imagine a repeat of that level self-sacrifice given what has happened in the intervening 11 years.

The most likely scenario of how this whole women in the military experiment will play out is that women will hog more and more of the resources and training during peacetime.

When there is another true national emergency, all of the women who received training, pay, education, and other benefits from being in the military will be excused from their obligation to go into the field and got shot at.

In their place, legions of men with no training at all will be conscripted to be cannon fodder and disposed of for “the greater good.”



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