Mark Shrey2000 #fundie

It is not that simple. There is no right or wrong with fantasy itself it is what is the fanstasy about. See Harry Potter is preduced by a witch. The author admits she is Wiccian and said the reason Jesus Christ died on the cross is because Hw was weak. Her books go a lot further than just the imagination. It takes you into witchcraft. Disney was into some wierd stuff too. Peter Pan seems very innocent to me but truth is he is a wiccian god. I know this becuase I studied into it. We had a coven messing with our church for a while. Anyone who wants to say that stuff is not real does not know what they are talking about. I saw some stuff that would scare you. I won't go into detail because people would think I'm crazy. Dungeons and Dragons is the same thing. Role playing games are even worse. They actually make you that person. So if you ever decide to do it in real life it won't be so hard. You will already be callased to it. Fiction and fantisy are not bad but know what your looking at before you use it. Listen to what people have to say. I will close with this. Pokemon seems so kidish and the characters are cute. All that stuff was magic (fire, water, earth or as they call grass, and wind) They even have phycics, ghost, and those with hypnotic powers. They came out with Pokemon Cards just like the game Magic wich is quite wicked. Now for our kids they have Yu-gi-oh. It keeps getting worse. Who puts out a lot of this stuff like Harry Potter, Pokemon, ect? Let me answer that Witches Of The Coast. Hope this has helped you in your decision.Good topic and God Bless!



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