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By his grace, I have been in this path for the past five years as a deliverance minister and have come across so many demons, big, small, fearful, etc. and God has always been victorious.

I may not be able to help everyone here, but God willing and by his grace. i have been sent to help somebody, and that somebody may be you that is reading and have some of the under mentioned case and you are looking for a way forward:

1. Working like an Elephant and eating like an Ant
2. Disappointment at the edge of breakthrough.
3. Business failure.
4. Promise and fail.
5. Marital delay.
6. Rotating in one spot.
7. Inability to conceive
8. Struggling without positive result.
9. Seeing children in your dream but not in life.
10. Wedding in the dream but still single and having delay.
11. Eating in your dream
12. Making Love in the dream
13. Swimming in your dream.
14. Seeing yourself in your old compound/house in your dream.
15. Seeing yourself in your old school/ father’s house in your dream.
16. Seeing yourself picking snail in your dream.
17. Seeing yourself chased by masquerades in your dream.
18. Seeing yourself chased by dogs/cats, etc.


Deliverance from spirit husband / wife, Zero sperm count to 20 Million, stagnation, 25yrs ear problem, Spirit of madness, etc

U need deliverance? Let us talk and the God of Elijah will deliver you in Jesus name.



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