Lasha Darkmoon #sexist

The demise of western culture, at the hands of the Jews and their goyim lackeys, could never have been achieved were it not for the abandonment by women of their men and their cultures. They achieved this by waging wars to kill the male workforce, thus bringing in the women and giving them the vote. And then bringing them into the workforce. The bankers put the mortgages and house prices up next. This then put pressure on the family. Both husband and wife were now forced to go out to work to make ends meet. Both sexes lost out.

It’s a sad thing to say, but it has to be said: without feminist power, which increased the power of the state to promote many women into positions they were unfit to hold, the West would not be the shit hole it is today.

Women see immigrants as more cock to please them with. The overwhelming majority of women have no loyalty to indigenous culture and tradition. The woman will simply see all men as merely a stop gap until something better comes along. It is just like the animal kingdom with the pride of lionesses. They will stay with the male until his power is usurped and when it is, they’ll stay with the new one when he overpowers the old. There is very little loyalty from western woman to her male and culture. And it’s even more so today, with these groups of fat, sugar plum feminists. Watch them roam the streets in their stupid platform shoes, looking like they’ve just stepped off a porn set. Yuck! See them hunting for a man to pick up for a wham-bam evening. Or for a woman.

They’re not too fussy what sex they pick up, and they’re always making snide comments about heterosexuality and how it just isn’t normal.

Truly, it’s a sad sight to see.



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