The woman-haters, man-haters, and non-binary-haters

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Please ladies, you cannot expect to find a man who wants to be second, third or fourth place in your life to a career, children, family, a former boyfriend or husband or anything else. I see profiles of women who say their children will always come first. Good luck finding a husband! Women expect a man to pay all the bills and support the family (and he should), but then they want him to come in third or fourth place in her life. That is a wrong mindset! I've even read widow's profiles where they say they want a husband, but no man will ever compare to their former husband. Good luck finding a guy!

God created a woman to be her husband's “help meet,” not to be a mother, pursue a career, guide a home, or anything else. Genesis 2:18, “And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” Her husband is her purpose in life. If you don't like that, don't look for a Christian man to marry, because you won't be happy. And you definitely won't be happy with the immoral playboy you'll find that has no Christian values. If you want a love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy, then go to Tinder.

Women want the best of both worlds, but they cannot have it! You cannot maintain your independence, put your children first over your husband, only offer free time to build a meaningful relationship that leads to marriage, and sanely expect to meet someone. Men want to be first. Men want a good deal, not a raw deal. Women these days offer so little, but demand so much. That is why of the dozens of women I have contacted, no one wants me. Perhaps they are doing me a favor. Most women don't even bother to write back. Being on Guam doesn't help. I really need to move, but am overwhelmed with the whole thing.

David J. Stewart #fundie #psycho #sexist stewart1611.blogspot.com

When I attended the Harvest Baptist Church of Guam in 2013-2014, I fell in love with their nurse, Kris. She liked me too, which I know as sure as I am saved. When their pastors drove me out of their church, I missed Kris a lot. I thought about her every day for years to come. On February 21, 2017 I saw her in public, at Asan Beach Park in her hammock, and finally told her how I felt. She was still single. So I wrote her a long love letter and expressed my intent to properly court her at church, which would hopefully lead to marriage. Her pastors (Marty Herron and Joe Hanson) cruelly refused to allow me to return to attend church, even admitting that they didn't want me dating Kris. I wish those ungodly hypocrites could lose their wives and be alone, sharing my inexplicable pain. Shame on them for playing God with people's lives. Harvest Baptist Church is a devil's house.

So Kris sent me a mean letter, cruelly calling me a “father image” (she's no spring chicken) and told me never to contact her again. I abided by what she wrote, but it hurt more than I can put in words. I felt like committing suicide. I still love Kris in 2021, and would have married her at any point if she simply had contacted me, saying that she changed her mind. She moved away and that's that. You cannot tell a guy never to contact you again, and expect to find a husband. She will never find a guy like me, that I know. She might find some religious guy that goes through the motions, but she'll never find a man that loves her more than I do. She has a wrong attitude. She is a nurse trained at Bob Jones University, having pursued a career over marriage. God says she is turned aside after Satan (1st Timothy 5:14-15).

Women today have wrong attitudes toward men and marriage. I may never find a wife in America, because of all the wrong attitudes that are prevalent in society today, and that definitely includes the churches. They're all still part of our decaying American culture.

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RE: LifeFuel brazil gamer finally rises up and kills femoid and films her dead body


Imagine if she was Twitch streamer and the murderer recorded this live for all her simps to see...


Just the thought is making a huge smile on my face.

I read a part of his manifesto. Nigga can barely write in portuguese and thinks he's a genius or something, he's clearly mentally retarded, should've killed himself, way better than shitzilian prisons.

He is also said to have sent a PDF with messages "of hatred against Christians and makes a nod to terrorism,"

First reports was that he was fucking her and after the sex he asked her help to kill some christian pastors, after she denied, he chimped out. Maybe is real, why was she in the house of some random nigger she met on the internet anyways? i guess he talking about killing christians to foids made them wet, but the foids always thought he was just an edgy larper

(trying to ascend)
He don't talk nothing with nothing, his ideas are totally disconnected from each other. He and the foid were planning to kill christians, and people are acting as the foid was innocent. He said he and his ''army'' could kill all the christians and it was better for them to obey him. JFL at thinking you can kill 90% of the population

And the foid already knew him since january, but on the day of the shooting, she refused to go with him and cancelled the pact they made, them he killed her. But I don't doubt he was doing this for fame and making foids wet, because he clearly not explained clearly reasons to justify his hate against christians, I read the book till page 30, and there is nothing justifying his hate

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Serious If women care about looks so much then why do they fuck dogs?

This question is harder than the secret of gravity tbh. Women cry all the time about how they can't even bear to look at ugly men and that its disgusting to touch them and that they're creepy and all this shit, but dogs are still MUCH uglier. They look completely deformed from years of inbreeding and humans fucking around with them. We men are not attracted to animals since they look like shit, that's why furries draw animals with attractive human traits (big boobs, narrow waist, big ass, feminine faces, etc) to be able to attracted to them, but can you look at a normal female dog and get aroused even in a millions years?

I honestly can't comprehend this shit, it's confusing and i really want an answer to this

That's just how low they see us subhumans, they rather go full degenerate and fuck an animal because they have more value for them than give a sub 5 man a chance

Yeah but how do they have more value if they're objectively uglier than us? This is contradictory to looks theory tbh

I know why. Dogs are easy to get. Dogs fuck when they want to fuck and no other time. Dogs would fuck them for as long as they want the dogs to fuck them. Dogs are stupid and easy to manipulate. Dogs are the ultimate simp. Dogs don't talk back. Dogs won't question them. Dogs won't pump and dump. They literally believe the dumb animal is loyal to them as a lot of people that think dogs are loyal.

lol the average man is much more cucked than you describe dogs and he still doesn't get shit

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Venting Hating women is perfectly ok and justified

What is the reason you hate someone?
you hate somebody when that individual did you harm.
you can also hate somebody because of their behavior. all people hate liars, manipulators, narcissists, etc. bad traits are what get people hated to begin with.
ask any normie you find in the street and ask him what he thinks about zoophiles. chances are he'll say that he finds them repulsive.
all the traits I mentioned above can be found in the average woman. the only thing women truly care about is their offspring, even that isn't always the case.
all women are manipulators from the highest order. nature made them that way so that they can survive. women keep lying about their situation although the chances of you living a comfortable life increases significantly if you're a woman. just marry a wealthy guy or open an OnlyFans account. easy money. men can't do any of that, and in order to succeed we have to work hard. all of that wouldn't be a problem, if women would shut the fuck up and not push envelope all the time about how "men have more chances" and shit. women contain all the negative traits every person hates and for some reason its a taboo to hate them.

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Venting How shallow the foids' world view is

Foids cry when men's sports are more profitable and male athletes make more money than whore athletes. Foids cry because of "equality" and "equity" and they believe foids are equal to humans. Humans make more money, foids cry and demand foids need to make more money too. So many foids dream about being a wonderwoman or some other empowering feminist (whorenist) figure. Foids often introduce themselves (on dating apps) by telling which degrees they have and from which university.

Pay attention to how one dimensional their demands are. Foids think money and respect rains from the sky and happens to only benefit humans. All of their demands are superficial and none of them are related to foids doing more to earn more money and respect. Whores think hard working humans are respected, not because of the dedication and effort, but because of their titles and social status which comes out of nowhere. Whores are so ready to tell they are "Yale grad" yet they work as some second assistant of an office assistant for some feminist newspaper as a diversity hire. Why does it matter that you graduated from a good university if you only act like you are working?

In short: Foids are so simple and retarded they believe money rains from sky and somehow only men benefit from that but soyciety can change the course of the money rain to also benefit women. Foids think titles and status exist for no reason and they pay no attention to hard work and effort. So many foids want pic related and be humans but what they actually do is be degenerate whores who do OnlyWhores and ride the carousel as long as they can while cosplaying as intelligent and respectable academics.

"We can do it, queens! Yay slay guurl! We are intelligent academics!" is the advertisement. Infertile degenerate whore is the actual product.

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Our bluepilled Norman wants to enter the dating world, knowing that despite being 5'4" and balding, his sense of humor and a nice personality developed based on his feminist theory studies will make him a catch.


spoilerWhat do you call guys under 6 ft? Friends.
"This is very unsettling" he utters. Another profile loads up. image
spoiler6'4 and up is dreamy
"Surely I'm just being unlucky" he proclaims, but similar things keep happening. image
spoilerif you're below 6 feet/just want to hook up just do us both a favor and swipe left.

Norman's bluepilled beliefs get challenged. At a bar, Norman notices a woman drinking by herself. He checks his hair, proud of his brand-new $80 haircut, as good haircut is what makes a man attractive, not facial bones. Norman is not one of those incels who think women have sex on the first date. That doesn't happen in real life.

Some guy, much taller than Norman, shoulders wide and jaw huge, approaches them. "I'm Chad", he says. She is very responsive to him and forgets about Norman. Chad asks her whether she wants to come to his home. She agrees, following Chad like a puppy. Normas is left with a mouth wide open. He can't believe what just happened.

On his walk home, a group of young drunk women let out an audible "Eeew!" in his direction. Norman starts raging inside. He's straining his brain and performing mental gymnastics to justify all that happened tonight. There has to be a bluepilled explanation. In the end, he concludes that he just wasn't confident enough. Looks have nothing to do with attraction after all. He is sure that the right one waits for a good guy like him somewhere out there.

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"Life is unbearably boring, i feel lonely, isolated and undesirable" says a foid who has gone sexless due to lockdowns

Hmmm sweetie, you're not entitled to sex


spoiler'Life's unbearably boing': These young people haven't had sex in a year due to lockdown

'l feel lonely, isolated and undesirable'

Yikes hon! Sex isn't a need. Are you going to die without sex? No? Then just live with it instead of being entitled and pitying yourself

Have you thought about taking a shower and maybe, just maybe, treating men like human beings???

Welcome to my life bitch. Population : Suffering

Realistically she's just larping and exaggerating. Probably only a month without sex. Or sex with non chads

All the people they interviewed about this are women. Probably has to do with how, for the vast majority of men, going a long period of time without casual sex is completely normal and they've grown accustomed to it. this is only a big issue for women because sex is such a basic, essential, routine part of their life.

It's no different that wiping your ass for them Meanwhile tons of bluepilled men can't imagine a life where sex is a daily activity, they think it's normal to do nothing for years and get crumbs. They think it's normal to have a dead bedroom, a wife that has "headaches", that isn't "very sexual" etc

“Being 21 I feel like this is the time to gain sexual experience (and flaunt my body while I’m young). I miss being able to talk to my girls and hear all of their sex stories too, brilliant or awful. And just the excitement, anticipation and butterflies in your tummy kind of feeling from it all.”


HHAHAAH meanwhile i haven't even held hands and im told to stfu die in silence

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Hypocrisy Young girls upload hypersexual videos to tik tok without coercion and it's always the fault of a third party ...

How ‘supercharged catnip’ TikTok is fuelling the sexualisation of young girls and exploitation of teens

Look how are the same foids doing that by their free will: "There is concern owing to countless videos of underage girls detailing sexual experiences being uploaded to TikTok, as well as explicitly talking about sexual desires for their teachers."

"It’s become a magnet for paedophiles" lol serious? It's obvious that pedos will show up their asses with that type of content CREATED WITHOUT COERCION, BY THE FREE WILL OF THOSE YOUNG FOIDS...

This one is funny and hypocrite: "We've seen kids being groomed on TikTok , while other creeps take advantage of young girls posting sexualised content of themselves on the platform." Lol again, what normies expect? it's obvious that pedos would do that type of things. The easy solution is block that "app"(subversive degenerate comunist china inteligence tactic to undermine the west and rest of the world) BUT NO!!! WE HAVE TO GO AFTER THE CREEPS that want free shit or real shit proposed FIRST by those "angels" (young whores)

JFL as never is the fault of the foids. Never in the article is propposed to say to the parents: Don't allow your kids to use that app . Instead of that they propose to change settings in the app to avoid those situations.

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Inceltears, from what I can tell are just a bunch of whitecels denying JBW, pretending theyre not racist because they have some luck with ethnic foids. Also the foid members of IT are usually noodlewhores or black females, or really fat fugly BBW white foids. Actually, a lot of stormfrontcels have A LOT in common with the folks in IT.

Those groups ignore JBW because they know theyre guilty. Noodles, Curries, some latinas, and black females LOVE white males.

No one denies that the white race mogs the shit out of the other races. But the main difference is that ethnic males don't worship white females anywhere near as much as ETHNIC FEMALES (most especially white females) worship white males.

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RE: Serious Wtf is Slavpill

I honestly don't think Slav men are ugly. Maybe worse styling sure, but genetically uglier I do not buy.

It's always a greycel

Slavic governments are sending agents to post misinformation. They don't want people in Slavlands to know about the slavpill. They want them to be good obedient disposable slaves that go to useless slavwars.

op got banned right after making this thread. Thanks to the mods for keeping this site from the anti-slavpill propaganda

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Blackpill There are 2 types of societies today

Where animals are food and protection
Where animals are pets who get food and protection

Where women want to become mothers
Where women want to become lawyers

Where men fight for freedom
Where men fight for censorship

Where traditions are kept allive
Where traditions are destroyed

Where people believe in god
Where people believe in the schoolbook

Where people are proud nationalist
Where people are proud globalist

Where the family is the most important thing
Where the individual is the most important thing

Where sexuality is something divine between a man and a women
Where sexuality is perverted and abnorm

Where people get raised by their parents
Where people get raised by goverment authorities
And some major coincidence first one never has jews in it what a twist.

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why are these women in the situation that they are in? for example why are there in germany so many eastern women who get 'exploited' as sex workers? some guy or woman walked up to them and told them all sorts of flowery fantasies about how they could become models in germany. that they would be living the life! basically told them they could have it all without having to lift a finger if only they came with them to the west.

so they enter the vehicle, are transported here, their passports conveniently get lost (oops) and now they are trapped in a country whose language they don't even speak without papers. whose fault is that? don't these women only have themselves to blame for ending up in that situation? they abandoned the boring men and life at home and thought they could make fast money and live luxurious lives that they do not deserve. they just wanted everything handed to them on a silver table. if we are already honest with ourselves then let's be honest here too, it's because THESE WOMEN ARE PREDATORS.

Various Editors #sexist #racist #wingnut #conspiracy en.rightpedia.info

Feminism is a Cultural Marxist trick to pretend to help women but really to hurt them. It makes women opposed to their natural feminine nature and makes them miserable in the long run. Feminism also is about genocide. The ethnic groups infected with it experience population decline and since it is pushed mainly on white people, feminism is about white genocide.
Aside from student loans, alimony and child support are the only things in Western Society where not paying them lands the victim in debtor's prison. Given the society in Western countries due to feminism, at some point a woman will get bored of the marriage and cheat. She will find the dumbest man, a man who will say, "b****, get in my car, I’m gonna take you for a ride on my motorcycle – it’s got cocaine in the glove compartment and I’m a VIP at the greatest disco ever where b***es are taking their shirts off and getting sprayed with shaving foam 24/7.”
The birth control pill, a popular part of feminism, ends up in the water supply and now the male fish are producing eggs. Spain has studied the problem for many years and found both masculinization and feminization of organisms,[17] but of course a common doctrine in feminism is that gender is just a social construct.
"Teach men not to rape" is a popular feminist saying in the early 21st century. This feminist mentality is like going into a poor neighborhood, flashing cash and valuables and saying, "Teach blacks not to steal" or carelessly entering those jaywalk crosswalks (crosswalks in the middle of the street without a stop sign or stop light to stop traffic at them) and then saying, "Teach East Asians not to hit pedestrians."

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New Zealand’s Cunt Leader Gives Free Menstruation Products to Schoolgirls

If girls are getting free period products, then boys should get free butterfly knives or Steam credit or something.

The modern system treats menstruation like a handicap. As if women have been punished by nature, and it is the job of “equality” to level this playing field somehow.

Do you know that many of the birth control pills stop women from menstruating?

There is of course a natural method for stopping menstruation – it’s called being pregnant all the time.

Women’s bodies truly are disgusting and dirty

Revelasti #sexist reddit.com

No one deserves to be raped. It's an awful experience nobody should have to go through. And I'm not saying any of it is your fault at all... but maybe don't dress like a slutty nurse? We can't fight against rape culture by sexualizing everything. It's getting worse, and if you want to actually change things you have to start with yourself.

Teutonic Knight #racist #sexist incels.co

Why would a slav who lives in Eastern Europe care about the slavpill?

Eastern Europe became a huge whorehouse after collapse of communism. You're not just competing with other Slavs but also with tourists and rich Western men looking for wives. Also Slavic women are bombarded with Western propaganda how local Slavic men are ugly and low value and how they should go for rich progressive foreign men. Slavic women also have the highest SMV on the planet and are attractive to literally every other race. If you live in an urban area of Slavlands where a lot of tourists and foreign students come it's very over for you.

What I noticed over the years as Slav in Slavland is that Germanic or Mediterranean (or overall western) looking Slavs always out preform Slavic looking Slavic.

Exactly. The Chads in Slavlands are either Germanic looking pretty boys in Western Slavlands and Russia (former Vikinglands) or Oriental-ish Turkish looking high T Chads in Balkans.

A western man 'ascends' because he is assumed by default to be richer then almost anyone in EE.

But they're not betabuxing. Who was Roosh betabuxing? Or other foreign exotic men who just come to EE to pump and dump? Or foreign students who don't even have jobs yet. Just don't be Slavic in Slavlands theory is legit. Roosh literally admitted that he was able to get women because he didn't look like a Slav.

Where are tons of ugly women is slavlands but best looking ones make it out of where in western world more often.

Most of women are unattractive (without make up) everywhere. But Slavic women probably look the best. The best way to confirm this is to look at female athletic teams from each country because that is the best sample of average, healthy (fit) women. Slavic women teams look by far the best.

Various Incels #racist #sexist incels.co

(Total Imbecile)

I think you're quite retarded to be quite honest... All Slavs I know are slayers (Yes, an anecdote, same as the gibberish you spout).

Yes and IT knows 4' 11'' indian janitors who get laid more than Brad Pitt, therefore the blackpill is nonsense

Why would a slav who lives in Eastern Europe care about the slavpill? His competition is other slavs, Eastern Europe is almost completely homogeneous. I can understand the slavpill for slavs who live in Western Europe though. Similar to how it doesn't make sense to blame the currypill when you live in India among other currycels.

Thanks to dating apps the entire world is competing with LA and NYC Why would some third world girl settle for you when Jake Paul can fly her to his Beverly Hills house and fuck her

All except “I’m from poor Slavic country”. At least doesn’t have it nearly as bad as rest of Eastern Europe money-wise. But everything else checks out. Slavic genes are simply subhuman. Balding at young age, weird ugly faces (gift from mongol invasion). This combined with the fact that girls are really pretty here is pure suifuel. Oh and any foreigner has it 100x times easier than your average polack, bonus point if his skin is dark.

The slav pill is extremly brutal for me because I am part asian. I use to cope with the fact that I was "white" but slavs can be much whiter than I am yet struggle to get laid so its double over for me.

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Since when was killing ones own kids an act of empowerment?
If I killed my own kids I'd be spat on as a horrible murderer; but a woman who kills her own before they're born is hailed as courageous.

I think abortion should be met with the same legal punishment as murder.
Additionally, if a woman undergoes an abortion despite the objection of the father, I think she should be executed.
If the father kills his partner for murdering their unborn child/ren, he should be let off as anyone else who had just killed the person that had murdered their children. It's fair.

99.999999% of abortions are unnecessary and on the extremely, extremely rare occasion where abortion is an emergency procedure to preserve the life of the mother, well that's between her, her husband and the OBGYN. Everyone else can STFU as they couldn't possible imagine what it would be like to be in that kind of terrifying, tragic situation.

Pro-Choice Vs Pro-Life is: Kill your kids or let them live. That's it.


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RE: Blackpill Men Who Get "Scammed" By Women Are Really Just Men Who Are Dishonest With Themselves (YOU NEED TO ADMIT TO YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE A PREDATOR!)

"Exploiting women," "predator" :soy:

"human trafficking"

I can understand using these terms ironically, but unironically? Really nigga?!


"human trafficking"

:lul: no, you're not exploiting her, because you paid the price SHE demanded for the service. if you paid the price and she didnt appeared, she scammed you and theres no mental gymnastics that will convince me otherwise

How is it not exploitation to take advantage of the fact that a woman in that state is fuck you for money?

because you didnt forced her anything. you are not forcing her to do something for you, these circumstances out of her control (poor family and living with gangs and shit) have nothing to do with you.


If you were born into such a household and your father had sexually asaulted you for years"

My father sexually assaulting me would be far more serious than a girl going through the same situation. I'm a heterosexual guy. This is a feminist false equivalency. Being raped as a straight men is FAR worse. Women commonly have rape fetishes and are meant to be fucked.

"Exploitation," is it, when paying a prostitute? Bullshit. No, foids exploit vulnerable, lonely men all the time, that's how it really goes. You are defending whores. You are a simp. I'm not an evil monster because I was born with shit genetics that foids have universally decided I should suffer the fate of sheer loneliness for.

U need to stop shaming us incels. Women exploit men all the fucking time but u wanna blame it on us. Women lead men on, get them set up all the fucking time.

domesticatedcunt #sexist 64.media.tumblr.com

Reblog if you believe
that Male superiority and
female inferiority is not a
It is natural. It is right. Throughout the entire history of MANkind Men have bravely lead
while their women lovingly followed and obeyed. Let's give into our instincts and live happier and simpler. Everyone wins when
women live to serve and satisfy Men.

Geoffrey Grider #fundie #homophobia #transphobia #sexist #conspiracy nowtheendbegins.com


In 1933, Adolf Hitler proposed the Enabling Act that was promoted as something that would ‘enable’ Hitler to keep the German people safe and secure, in reality it did the exact opposite. The Enabling Act made Hitler supreme dictator and enabled him to kill 6 million Jews in a war that killed 55 million people. In our day, the Equality Act is now about to be put up for a vote, and like the Enabling Act before it, it does the exact opposite of what its title would lead you to believe.

The worst part of the Equality Act is that it will allow gay and straight pedophiles unfettered access to your children in the locker rooms and in the ladies room, is that something that you parents of minor children can live with? Transgenderism is a mental disorder, and it is a spiritual sickness, it is not something to be embraced and accepted. It goes against the bible, it goes against God, it is a doctrine of Satan. That’s not hate speech, that’s the truth. Mark my words, if they pass the Equality Act, the next step will be legalized pedophilia. Guaranteed.

ThoughtfulCel #conspiracy #sexist incels.co

Serious If someone admits to having kissed a woman and/or other minor experiences with women, should this warrant a permaban? [Poll]

Yes Votes: 65 44.5%
No Votes: 81 55.5%

Why would someone admit to kissing a woman if they weren't intent on bragging. Why are you guys so hard pressed on driving this site into chaos? I find it funny that 53 people voted no.

Is that even a question. Jfl and 52 people voted for no

All "incels" btw. The same type of retards to whine about fakecels, chads, and normies, but give them an open platform to brag on. No hope left for here lmfao.

Those are the guys who have the same mentality as personalityinkwell and that other guy who received bj etc. People really show their true colors in these kind of polls tho, at least you know who is fakecel or not.

These people travel in packs. If one is let in, more will follow. This poll shouldn't even be a question, and yet all its going to do is draw more of these people in. This seems way too intentional to just be an oversight. Since this poll obviously is going to end in disaster for actual incels, be prepared for absolute shit over the next few months.

I prefered personalityinkwell's excuse of "they kiss me but won't have sex with me cuz I'm a bad breath cel"

“it could be the kiss was an accident” What's next? Penis inside vagina by accident?

Its always some outlandish situation that barely happens to anyone. Always some bullshit

It's like how foids try to legitimize abortions: what if it's rape?? What if the pregnancy endangers her life??? Meanwhile reality image

.14% :lul:

infinitedarkness #sexist saidit.net

What happens to blackpilled straight women who also don't like their gender role, femininity etc? How to deal with life when most women are dick sucking and taking dick in their asses pickmes? I've been blackpilled since i was like 15 and i feel so isolated

I look at other women and i'm like? Tf are you

why are u this way? Why? Just why? I not only hate men but i also start to hate women and have those horrible thoughs about them, i can't look at the anymore cause i realize how much of a dumb pickmes they are. Everytime any of the girls i know starts dating a man i feel disgusted and imagine all the pickmes shit she does with him and that she suck his dick(i think i have a trauma from hearing those stories girls i know tell me about how they give oral to some random men at parties and shit like that and im like Are you retarded? Why would you do that) and honestly making a man feel good just doesn't feel like a smart thing to do and i know and i'm aware of who men really are and what they really think and that they don't deserve anything. Idk maybe pickmes just are not aware of the things that I'm aware of? Or their brains ignore it like, it's biological but for some reason my brain works differently lol

The fact that most straigh/bi women serve men and get thier mouth close to their opression tool (dick lol most men are rapist and pickmes be putting it in their mouths anyway wtf) is really repulsing i'm repulsed by both men and women tbh

And also pickmes are dating men 20+ older than them LOL why would you do that? how do they even sleep with those men without being left traumatized

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RE: Just VIRTUESIGNALmaxx bro!


spoilerMe seeing my childhood bullies on social media trying to advocate for suicide and mental health awareness.

I was a school bully from the ages of 7-10. It was a weird age where my empathy hadn't developed. The two kids I bullied were vulnerable, one was special needs and the other was a curry that sat alone. It was visceral, I just went and did it.

I never got the "bullies are deeply insecure", I never once felt insecure during my entire time doing it. And after growing out of it, I couldn't help but see the "actually, bullies are secretly insecure :))" lie as cruel.

My best friend was bullied bad from the ages of 10 to 11. I remember him telling me he wanted to kill himself, at 10 years old. The kid bullying him was my neighbor and our families were close, his dad was a psychologist that specialized with children. His dad didn't even give a fuck that his own kid was pinning people down on the playground and shoving bark in their mouth. The fact that a practicing child psychologist didn't even care or do anything about his own kid doing this shit makes me just laugh. He gets paid to bluepill the very kids driven to suicide by kids like his children.

OverBeforeItBegan #dunning-kruger #psycho #sexist incels.co

9/10 the only reason a woman is a prostitute is because of circumstances outside of her control, some were even forced into that line of work by gangs, and as a coping mechanism they just continue that life as if to convince themselves "its my choice"

How can you be forced by gangs to do anything in a first world country?

Johns exploit whores in the same way that the rich exploit the poor, and get them to work for cents on the dollar, while they just live off of society and never work a day in their lives

"exploit". You're the one handing over a shitton of money. How are you exploiting anyone here?

JFL how can you ask a question like this?, are you saying gangs have no power in first world countries?

I really don't understand how a gang could have power over a woman in a first world country, especially western Europe or the US. Some shithole in Asia, sure, but explain to me how going to the police wouldn't solve that issue.

Robtical #psycho #sexist incels.co

A woman in this situation is literally only fucking you because she has no choice. Going into it you know full well most of these women come from abusive homes, have been sexually assaulted since childhood, many have been raped as a child or teen (and are still raped to this day), many are working for a pimp out of fear, etc.

I don't feel sorry for those whores. Nothing is worse than inceldom, and they see no problems voting for more cuckesd laws and using our taxes to enslave us, so fuck those whores. Most of them have plenty of choices to not sell their used pussies, but they want the fast and easy money to buy expensive nonsense.

So you can either accept that you are a predator and demand/take what you paid for, or keep coping, keep lying to yourself, and get robbed like a pathetic cuck so you can cling to your ego.

I'll let the whore know that I understand she sees me as a predator, and I'm using my money to get her pussy, and I will knock her out if she tries to take my money. In my view she is the predator using her artificially inflated SMV given to her by soyciety to try and scam incels out the money they worked hard for.

Uglyme #conspiracy #sexist #crackpot incels.co

[Serious] Sudden infant death syndrome is bullshit, foids kill their babies

Foids are repulsive and heartless creatures who kill their babies just so they can keep fucking Chad. And our society is so cucked that they came up with that stupid theory that babies die all of a sudden in their sleep so that foids don't go to jail for that. Imagine this scene: the poor and innocent baby lying peacefully in a crib. The whore slowly approaching with a pillow in her hands while whispering "sorry, baby but Chad says he doesn't like kids"... And then it happens. The police are called. The questions. The whore is crying " I just don't know how it happens, my baby was just sleeping and now... I'm so devastated right now..." And that's all. Sudden infant death syndrome

She will never even got arrested because how dare you call a woman liar and criminal, you fucking misogynist asshole!

And they said we shouldn't hate them? It's a miracle that you had made it past your baby years boyos.

Kurt Seland #fundie #homophobia #sexist rr-bb.com

The foundational building block of society, that element which has always been responsible for social order and peace, is the family, and it has been virtually destroyed. The family is to be a man, his wife and their children. The man provides for the wife and children, the wife nurtures and educates the children, and the children obey their parents. In a community of families, adults hold the other adults and children accountable for their actions. The family is based on marriage.

Marriage is an institution of God and therefore hated by Satan. The devil has worked very hard, primarily through communications media such as TV, movies, news journalists, and entertainment in general to convince women that marriage is detrimental to their freedom and fulfillment in life. Satan has deceived women into believing that they have the same sexual desire as men and that all differences are the result of culture. Satan has worked hard to divide men and women and have them at war with one another, and because of this, the violence between men and women has dramatically increased.
Homosexuality and all sorts of perverse behavior are accepted as normal. The world dictator (anti-christ) himself will not have the normal sexual attraction to women and may be asexual. Many theologians believe that he will probably be openly homosexual as indicated in the Bible in the book of Daniel 11:37: "and he will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire of women". And therefore, after the rapture, more than likely marriage will be discouraged or illegal, and homosexual and lesbian relationships highly encouraged.

Edmund_Kemper #sexist incels.co

[Venting] I’m sure every female teacher is a molester

I mean honestly. Every single foid teacher has fucked the chad students. There’s a reason most school teachers are women. They just wanna go there to fuck chad students. Even preschool teachers molest students who they know will physically develop into a chad. We hear more and more about this everyday. And honestly, with chads in school, I can assure you every foid teacher is a molester

and my sister is a schoolteacher yet she’s always been single. Coincidence? I think not!

@Robtical @JosefMengelecel @Total Imbecile

Bernard Gaynor #sexist twitter.com

1. The Twitter class is not outraged at the alleged rape in parliament because it may be a rape.
Instead, the Twitter class is actually ecstatic about the alleged rape because it gives them an opportunity for a political attack.
Sadly that's what this is mostly about. Politics.

Various Incels #sexist incels.co

(NOTE: This is ThoughtfulCel’s parody of the poll from before)

RE: Serious Should black-pilled non incel women be allowed on the forum?



Same tbh. What is this site coming to? A few years ago you would be shit on by every user for even asking this shit.

Allow them if they are ready to fuck an incel

Absolutely not. It maybe could offer valuable insight (but we know everything already), but this place would turn into a lek over some bitches. Eggs should never be introduced into all sperm spaces. They will fuck up the dynamics in every community they enter.

No, there is nothing foids have to say that I want to hear, no thought of any value, nothing to gain by allowing it

What the fuck would that prove? I don't need a foid coming to this forum saying "yeah I wouldn't fuck you ugly males ever. Haha you're never getting pissy cause you're ugly and we don't have to ever settle cause there's a ocean of cocks willing to fuck us no matter what we look like".

(Dr. Dicklet)
Yes I'd like to abuse the fuck out of them, they wouldn't last long. Most of us are in agreement here and it can get a little boring

Honestly one reason it might be worth testing out is to see how many people here are cucks and orbiters, then ban them along with the foids, but besides that fuck no

Yes but only if they're trans

Various Editors #racist #sexist #conspiracy en.rightpedia.ingp

(Archive: https://archive.is/rGfvZ)
Sexism is an epithet coined by Margaret H. Feldman ✡ a radical feminist Jew and abortion promoter from the United States in 1970.[1][2] The central purpose of the meme is to attack people who uphold the natural order and mutually complementary roles of the sexes in society. The epithet is part of a Jewish group evolutionary strategy, working within the destabilisation template, to cause resentment, division and weaken the relationships in gentile society. For example by insisting that it is "sexist" for a female to have children and raise them at home, the demography of a nation can be steadily depleted, to be replaced by alien groups.
Everything is sexist
According to feminists, air conditioners are sexist. Window air conditioning units weigh a bit and so women need a man's help to lift them. And turning on an air conditionery woman's consent is "rape".[3]
See also
Conspiracy theory — an epithet invented by liberal Jew, Karl Popper ✡ .
Anti-Semitic — an epithet invented by liberal Jew, Moritz Steinschneider ✡ .
Racists — an epithet invented by communist Jew, Leon Trotsky ✡ .
Nazi — an epithet invented by communist Jew, Konrad Heiden ✡ .

Laura Wood #conspiracy #sexist thinkinghousewife.com

[From “Dancing Nurses and Manufactured Outrage”]

I DON’T KNOW who started the trend of “dancing nurse” videos. Unless you’ve lived in a cave for the past year, you’ve surely seen them.

Was it a marketing team from TikTok? I had never even heard of TikTok before this. The social media platform gained tons of publicity from the phenomenon. Was it a psychological warfare department in government or business? Was this another ritual humiliation invented by powerful occultists? Or was this all just from the beginning a spontaneous grassroots phenomenon that showed what a decadent society we have become?

I don’t know, but I’m sure of one thing. Videos promoted as widely and heavily on social media as these have been serve a purpose for the perverts in charge. Of that, I have no doubt.
A segment of the public became steaming mad that nurses were dancing during a supposed pandemic. These feelings are similar to the outrage people feel when they hear or read of library drag queens, a real, though exaggerated phenomenon, intensely disturbing, that also seems intended to get ordinary people extremely upset.
That’s why I don’t post or comment on these incredibly idiotic videos which underscore the near-total lack of dignity of the nursing profession in feminist America. Obviously there are many real dancing nurses out there and they prove, among other things, that there is no ongoing medical catastrophe.

But I could care less what they do.

BummerDrummer #conspiracy #racist #sexist #wingnut incels.co

Blackpill Once women take the vaccine it’s over.

We all (I hope) know that the vaccine is unsafe at best and straight up malicious at worst, and like most social changes done by the NWO ) it will be the women (and minorities) who will be the foot soldiers of said NWO doctrine.

These 2 groups will follow WHATEVER the new agenda is. If it is dictated to stay in your house while a fake virus is coined up they will stay in their house and shame you for not. If it is dictated to kneel for some fucking monkey that died of an OD and resisted arrest you will kneel or these 2 groups will shame you. The vaccine will soon be the new agenda and because the puppeteers have made it so trendy.

Because of the amount of sway women have in society (being the gatekeepers of intercourse) if they take the vaccines all the soys will follow suit, especially if they start barring those without the vaccine from normie activities like clubs and etc.

55% of Single Americans Say They Won’t Go Out with People Not Willing to Take Coronavirus Vaccine

Like on EVERY SINGLE MAJOR SOCIAL ISSUE, Kikes, papist elites, blacks/minorities, and women are combining to form a huge bloc with the first 2 as heads and the latter 2 as slave foot soldiers not unlike the orcs from LOTR, and of course the Anglo Teutons are LOSING in the face of the great reset (despite our future world being better for everyone than whatever future the semites want)

Lifefuel: this fucking monkey vaccine rap got a whole lot of dislikes which is based

Community Immunity 1: Let's All Get the Vaccine feat. Darryl DMC McDaniels

based_meme & ThoughtfulCel #conspiracy #sexist incels.co

RE: Serious If someone admits to having kissed a woman and/or other minor experiences with women, should this warrant a permaban? [Poll]


It's the 'ol, "whoops, I slipped and my cock fell inside her."

"Im totally an incel just like you guys!" Makes you wonder why these retards waste their time here

WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THESE RESULTS? Make this fucking vote publicly visible. We need to see who the fakecels and cucks are. For all we know fakecels are letting their cliques know to create fresh accounts to vote. So that's it then? We're going to open the floodgates and formally welcome the fakecels in? The slippery slope I was worried about back in August/September is actually happening. Unbelievable. Who's next in line to join the forum? The slayer chads? Then who? The homosexuals and the women? Please, just shoot and kill this fucking forum already. Don't let it die from cancer.

Also there's a week on this vote so the results can still swing. If you know people who'd care about this tell them to vote on it.

This is the problem I'm talking about. We don't know who's voting and who their friends are who are voting. There could be a bunch of fresh accounts trying to swing the vote. The forum will then slowly inch towards something it would never approach in one leap.

Notice how he ignored what you said about us not knowing who's voting. Holding a public poll on this site that has fakecels nested inside of it is a retarded idea. Again, is this an oversight? Or am I as smart as Albert fucking Einstein to realize this

RawSienna #moonbat #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: A brilliant observation on treating prostitution like a career

Those middle/upper-middle class brats are educated enough to be able to criticize the inequality of capitalism and racism within the scope of their little privileged bubble, but they can't see that there are people whose lives are affected by their liberal gender politics, children who will be groomed into prostitution, and young women who don't get to choose their career path.

But who cares about the actual poor people or children? In their minds, they are proletariat heroes who will defend their male friends' rights to enter women's bathrooms, thus saving their lives!

There’s nothing more privileged than wokeness. We know this because it actively makes society worse in the name of making it better. It’s taken race-baiting to an art form and is so misogynistic it’s even making the word ‘woman’ verboten. Above all, it’s all about it’s own narcissism and self-righteousness. ‘Right side of history’, indeed.

NEpalese Ministry Of Immigration #sexist theguardian.com

Nepalis protest 'ridiculous' proposed ban on women travelling abroad

Activists warn new anti-trafficking law requiring permission from families to travel is evidence of ‘deep-rooted patriarchal mindset’

A proposed law in Nepal that would ban women from travelling abroad without permission from their families and local government officials has been called unconstitutional and “ridiculous”. The proposals, introduced by the Department of Immigration last week in an attempt to prevent women being trafficked, would require all women under 40 to seek permission before they visit Africa or the Middle East for the first time.

Following criticism, the department said the law applied only to “vulnerable” women and stressed it had yet to be finalised.

Ila Sharma, a former election commissioner of Nepal, said: “It’s preposterous the way educated bureaucracy seems to be objectifying women. Clearly, they do not see women as fully fledged adults. “Instead of empowering and building the capacity of women, as well as the rest of the emigrant labour workforce, they are being regressive, unconstitutional, not to say ridiculous.”

Nepal’s Human Rights Commission estimated that about 35,000 people, including 15,000 women and 5,000 girls, were victims of trafficking in 2018. Activists pointed out that it is not just women who are trafficked, so immigration lawmakers should consider women and men in any proposed legal changes. There have been several attempts over the past decades to combat exploitation through travel restrictions. The latest was in 2017 when the government banned Nepali citizens from working in the Gulf as domestic workers, a move that targeted women. Activists have long complained that banning women from travelling doesn’t work and infringes their rights.

Yoshiro Mori #sexist abcnews.go.com

Yoshiro Mori, president of the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee, apologized Thursday for comments he made suggesting women talk too much in meetings.

Mori, an 83-year-old former prime minister of Japan, made the remarks during an executive meeting of the Japanese Olympic Committee that was held online Wednesday. When giving his "private opinion" about the committee's goal of increasing the number of female board directors from 20% to more than 40%, Mori expressed concern about how that would affect the length of meetings, according to a report by The Asahi Shimbun, one of Japan's largest daily newspapers.

"A meeting of an executive board that includes many women would take time," Mori was quoted as saying by the newspaper. "Women are competitive. When someone raises his or her hand and speaks, they probably think they should speak too. That is why they all end up making comments."

He also referred to the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee, saying it "includes about seven women, but they all know how to behave," the newspaper reported.

Mori's remarks provoked laughter from some of the committee members, according to the newspaper. But on social media, as reports of his comments surfaced, people quickly began calling for Mori to resign.

Various TERFs #sexist #transphobia #wingnut ovarit.com

RE: Mississippi votes to ban transgender athletes from girls' and women's teams | TheHill

...and everyone will be like oh it's Mississippi, so backward! And blue states will double down and write some bizarro woke laws enshrining TIMs in girls sports but with some extra woman-hating flavor that will pass with 100% of the dems voting for it. Even though with everything else dems don't agree on anything and wind up splintering before getting anything passed. emits 10 min long sigh

Who knew it would be the liberals cheering for the swift death of women’s sports. Such feminism.



I know right? How are all the TW soooo naturally gifted? Must be their work ethic because it cannot possibly be anything else!

The headline is so misleading. It bans BOYS from competing on girls' teams, not ALL trans-identifying teens. No, we don't want to "ban transgender students from sports" - we want boys to play on the boys' teams.

It really just goes to show that no one gives a flying fuck about any trans other than XY trans. What does that look like, again? Oh yeah...misogyny!

Exactly. No one fucking cares if natal girls play on boys' teams. Also I hate how it's framed as an issue of "children." We're not talking about 5 year olds or 10 year olds. We're talking about natal male athletes competing in high school sports. Post-puberty. Therein lies the issue. If this was about elementary school, no one would care.

Not true. Prepubescent boys have a notable throwing advantage over prepubescent girls, and even over grown women. It’s biological and innate to the male sex.

Diocel #homophobia #psycho #sexist incels.co

Venting We must not accommodate to other's ideas

Once upon a time conservatives were against homosexuality, and im talking about the people not the men of power, the voters not the parties, they said no to homosexuals, then, whith time they started tolerating them but still stood against same sex marriage, then they gave up, and now what ? "Conservative" applauds their parties talking about LGBFAGS rights, what is wrong people.

We can not let this happen to us, we must not accommodate to the people who wants us out of this game, fuck that, just fucking lol at those bitches who talk shit all day long about hating foids and society but then outside on twitter or whatever they pussy out and say shit like «actually we don’t hate women we are just lonely guys», fuck that, someone asks you if you hate women? «damn right i do» is the only acceptable reply, you hate homosexuals? «throw them from the roofs» is the only acceptable answer.

On his youtube channel when someone called @BummerDrummer a hateful incel the first word that came out of his mouth was yes.

On live with thousands of viewers when asked if he hates women @Master replied by «yeah i do»

That’s some real nigga shit right here,

And this start with us, i know there is some people out there who are more powerful than use but togheter we are stronger, hand in hand.

Henry Makow, PhD #conspiracy #wingnut #fundie #transphobia #homophobia #racist #sexist henrymakow.com

The claim that Western society is de facto Communist seems far-fetched. Yet, if we consider that a major goal of Communism is the destruction of marriage and family, the claim makes sense.

Communist social engineers are responsible for creating a toxic environment for marriage: Promotion of gender confusion and homosexuality; the war on gender itself (feminist usurpation of masculine role); the mainstreaming of promiscuity ("sexual liberation" pornography); and the promotion of transgender rights, as if 99.9% have no rights.
Communism is Cabalism which is a Jewish satanic cult which includes Freemasonry. It denies the existence of God and the soul. It destroys love because God is Love.

The wellspring of love is woman who generates love by sacrificing for husband and children and is cherished in return. The Cabalists have poisoned this well by teaching women to be selfish and to seek power and sex instead of love.

Woman's attraction for men is based on her beauty, innocence and modesty.
The modern woman is now a "proud slut" that few men want.
Under the Christian dispensation, society was at least nominally dedicated to taming the beast and aspiring to spiritual ideals like Truth, Goodness, Love, Beauty, and Justice. Now under the Communist (Satanist) dispensation, culture is devoted to releasing the beast and negating these ideals. Our toxic cult-ure is defined by the Illuminati. Our attitude to homosexuality has gone from a visceral disgust to schools prompting children to experiment with it. Our cities are "cold and forlorn" to use the approving words of the Protocols of Zion.

Various Commenters #crackpot #sexist #transphobia saidit.net

RE: Why do radfems hate trans ppl?

“Transwomen” They're men. We despise men over here. And pedo degenerates that wanna steal our wombs. “Transmen” Too naive or autistic to think they can deny their immutable female reality. That's it.

Go to my blog and read the long list of posts on the trans thing. I collect good resources because female bloggers are being shut down for criticizing this very powerful group of often violent, male supremacist, fake-victim fetishists. My blog has stellar academic articles, lists of trannie crime statistics against women, argument dissections, and plenty of articles outlining all the reasons and ways male trannies hurt women and girls.

In my country Poland there are no creeps males who look like females. There are beta males who can't compete with other males so they think it would be better to be female or women who have been raped so now they want to be a man - it is not transsexualism just mental problem.

Transwomen are mentally ill men who think they're women based on sexist stereotypes, and it's a fetish for most of them. Check out https://www.ovarit.com/o/ItsAFetish/hot to see examples. And now they're taking over female sports, taking women's scholarships, raping female prisoners, and threatening to torture and rape women who question them. Sometimes I can't help but to laugh from how ridiculous this shit is.

The vast majority of them look hideous and creepy as fuck. The fact that doctors and surgeons are enabling them to look like freaks of nature who can't pass as women at all is not just unethical, but evil and cruel as well. All of the transwomen I've met in real life have given me the creepy vibes because they're deranged, unstable men.

Russ Winter #transphobia #sexist #wingnut #conspiracy winterwatch.net

If you actually believe that Bruce Jenner — one of the greatest, most high-testosterone athletes of his era — suddenly decided in 2015 at the age of 66 to become a transgender woman named “Caitlyn,” then you’ve been taken in by one of the strongest doses of absurdum magicae nigrae the Crime Syndicate has ever concocted.

In a “20/20” interview with Diane Sawyer in April 2015, Jenner revealed his transformation into a trans woman. Caitlyn said that he had dealt with gender dysphoria since his youth. “For all intents and purposes,” he said, “I’m a woman.”

Apparently this is what a “gender dysphoria” looks like. Actually, it’s what any red-blooded man would aspire to. I am a few years younger than Jenner and was an athlete. I remember him well, and with envy. Since he is an icon, one idea behind this sick scam is to rain on the parades of masculine, aspiring males who are gullible.
Naturally and in quite the coinkydink, Jenner’s transgender announcement came at an unprecedented time for trans visibility, including legislative initiatives. Using his Twitter handle @Caitlyn_Jenner, he tweeted, “I’m so happy after such a long struggle to be living my true self. Welcome to the world Caitlyn. Can’t wait for you to get to know her/me.”

Time magazine declared this tweet the 10th most astroturfed I mean re-tweeted tweet of 2015. Yes, it was all so orchestrated, with all the lugenpresse giving adoring coverage. The brainwashing spewed forth into a psyop that’s one for the ages.

yikerinos #sexist incels.co

The girlfriends of your friends and relatives have been with thousands of chads already. It wouldn't make a difference if they shared them with you.

Yet they won't because they don't care about our suffering. They will keep talking about their girlfriends at every opportunity, knowing we don't have one, but you know they'd never share them and would be freaked out if we asked, even though she has been with thousands of chads anyway.

That's another reason to not have friends if you're incel. I already mentioned in this forum a few times, that I have stopped hanging out with my friends because it's erfuel, both hearing them talk about their girlfriends and dates and seeing couples when going out. Also friends are useless, I just need a gf.

But, to top it off, there's also this. Would it make sense for a homeless, malnourished man to be friends with a middle class guy who won't help him in the slightest and keeps talking to him about the BMW he's considering buying? Same for us.

Ik it's a cucked thing to do. If I got a gf I wouldn't want someone else to fuck her obviously. But, damn, if you think about it, she has been with thousands of chads anyway, what's the difference? And it'd be just one night and with their knowledge. If the gf doesn't want to, that's no excuse because they could just trap her into being locked up alone with you in the basement or something, and just fuck her without consent.

Arthas93 #wingnut #sexist incels.co

[Discussion] How I define a loser. Most Incels are not losers.

This is my answer to @SlayerSlayer post: How would you define a loser?

I think that everyone has his own definition of what a "loser" is.

A "social loser" to me is someone that has rotten morals. Like a corrupt politician, a greedy business owner, *criminals in general (*with the exception to "criminals" that broke any kind of cucked or unfair law).

For example JoePedoBiden declares that wearing a wristwatch is "racist white supremacy".
Then a guy wears it anyway, because he is tired of all the stupidity and madness, and he simply doesn't care anymore.

He is not really a criminal, he is a "criminal", nor is he a loser.

People that exploit the welfare system. Illegal immigrants, "rapefugees", parasites, people that abandon their country because "it was too hard, boohoo". They are all losers and parasitic traitors.

Chads, foids and cucks are losers. Chads and foids are losers because despite all the free shit they get they remain greedy, arrogant, cruel, selfish, liars, hypocrites.

Chad is a loser because even having all the respect and power he still allows degeneracy to happen. In fact he likes it, he enjoys the corruption. He enjoys that society and women became degenerates and only give sex to him.

And cucks are losers because they have no dignity.
Willingly becoming slaves, "if I lower myself enough If I betray everybody enough, the foids and Chads will let me eat their shit, and that will make me a better person than those INKWELLS!"

Cucks are the base of the pyramid that oppresses Incels. They are the biggest losers of them all.

I don't really see Incels as losers, unless of course you are a volcel.
Meaning that you have the opportunity and means to leave Inceldom, but because of stupidity or "autism" you are unable to.

Gymcelled #crackpot #sexist #wingnut incels.co

RE: HALO EFFECT - Victimized employees are seen as bullies despite exemplary performance, actual bullies get a pass

No different than in school. People will try to rationalize a weak male that gets bullied but doesn't adequately "stand up" to the bullying as deserving of the bullying or accuse the bullied male of putting on a show for sympathy.

Yeah one of the biggest bluepill told to kids and teens is that people "grow up" and that life after school is different. Jfl people are the exact same after high school, the only thing that changes is the setting. And yeah feminists always bitch about "victim blaming" yet they never apply this to bullying

Me and other non NT ugly dudes got treated like shit while Normies soaked up praise despite not doing anything. It's damaging to be young and believe that you're worse than others, when it's usually the other way around.

I've read so many stories over the years. Low status men would do a lot of work yet any small mistake would be blown out of proportion. Meanwhile the popular people at the office can do major fuck ups and get a slap on the wrist.

In this life first impressions are everythinf. Your brain tries to find the shortest routes for assesing people, and something like the face is perfect. It's wo fucking brutal, man. These people take ONE look at you and fucking assume your entire life story jfl. But it's not like they're wrong when they see me and think 'KHHV' though

It was all gaslighting. These people drive ugly low status men crazy. They make them believe that everything they do is wrong, that they have an endless amount of work to do to be on the same level as some lazy normie who does nothing but act impulsively It's sad that some people will never realize that they were subject to gaslighting all their life

Quarantined & ThoughtfulCel #sexist #wingnut incels.co

RageFuel Reminder that bullies get sex and relationships, while the bullied stay virgins

"Our preliminary research shows that they do have more dates but in particular the data is really clear for sex behaviour.

‘Bullies as young adolescents or as university students are getting more sexual partners and are less likely to be virgins than victims or people who are not involved in bullying.’"

The only way a non chad/chadlite can ascend is by bullying everyone, ie dark triad maxxing.

Its just amazing normies could publish these studies proving that the only way to get sex/gf (if your non-chad) is by exhibiting "toxic masculinity:,

yet turn around and make videos like this:

What Is Toxic Masculinity?

Kinda funny how toxic masculinity had no problem existing in a time when war was frequent, and death was just around the door for a lot of people, but now that everything's comfortable and hunky dory, its all of a sudden a bad thing to embody masculine traits.

If you need any proof that the idea of "toxic masculinity" is a farce, then look for its main stream female counterpart.

Oh wait, there is non. Wonder why

This right here is what happens when you give female's rights and embed the idea of "Toxic Masculinity, into the minds of the general population.


JanJegerTiger #racist #sexist #ableism #psycho incels.co

For the Great Reset to work, COVID-19 is needed.

Why we should embrace COVID-19?
There are a few reasons. This is why I do not wear my mask and would happily superspread this non-virulent virus everywhere because everyone out there in this soyciety is a fucking pussy.

1. Last year there were so many people, mostly millenials were complaining how the Boomers were the major cause of all of society's problems and that they should die already. [...] COVID-19 is killing off the old, killing off the boomers. People [...] should be embracing it by stop being a cuck, stop wearing a mask, and to spread the virus around to finally kill off the boomer population. It's time for them to go as we as a society needs to stop funding them and allocate that money to support the young.

2. It is killing off all of the one's who are truly not healthy in the slightest. These are mostly the foids & chads who are obese & overweight, drug users, already have a STD or a chronic disease brought on by their poor unhealthy lifestyle, and those who are jewish & non-white.

3. [...] The virologist, Gordon Amherst [...] is right about humanity. How humanity have become complicit in letting the old & weak survive as well waste resources for them to live while not helping those who need those resources.

4. I started researching into the Great Reset and applied Gordon Amherst's ideas among others philosophers and concluded for the Great Reset to work properly is to allow nature to retake it's course by killing off the old and weak. COVID-19 is doing that for us already and the lockdowns are doing that for those who complain all the time about not seeing their friends, not partying, and fearing becoming introverted. Suicide, fear, and COVID-19 have become our allies COVID-19 is killing off the old & the weak, the media driven fear is making politicians make shitty decisions that sadly isn't really helping anyone, including us but is driving the outgoing & extroverts insane. Whereas isolation is common among us because how this horrid soyciety treats us.