The woman-haters, man-haters, and non-binary-haters

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[From "Paki Slut Who Got Nobel Prize for Being Uppity Says “No Compromise” on Girls’ Education"]

This bitch is not a real person. She is just a tool for the Western powers.

Radio Free Europe

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai says that “there should be no compromise” on the right to education for Afghan girls in ongoing peace negotiations between the government and Taliban militants.[…]

The Western powers know that they can make any concession – all of the concessions – and as long as they ram through women’s education, in a generation, the Western system will dominate.

With women in control, you can only even end up with anal sex, abortion, tattoos, and every other abomination. There is no possible road to freedom if women have rights.

The West knows this. So they will literally say, “yeah, just do whatever you want with your little Moslem stuff, we just want women’s rights.”

Women are literally tools of Satan.

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[Serious] This entire country started trending downwards when abortion was legalized

The day it was decided that women had the right to legally kill someone that they themselves brought into the world, instead of accepting responsibility for their actions was the day we put them on a pedestal and the day it began going wrong. Fast forward 50 years and here we are.

Seriously, abortion is depraved, brutal and it's just downright fucking wrong. Take some serial killer going around killing babies, people would be mortified. Take planned parenthood, a literal BABY KILLING FACTORY and some people despise it (like me) but many people LOVE it. It's a pillar to the sinful shrine they've created. "But muh clump of cells" bullshit, Total utter bullshit. If it has a pulse it's a living thing. Even if it doesn't have a heart beat it's still a growing human unborn or not..

Trump just banned "post term abortions" jfl... Post. Term. Abortions. Yes that means exactly what it says it means, they were at one time killing babies after they were born.

It all rounds back to women being petulant children and for some reason not having any responsibility for their actions. If they cheat on their loving husbands/boyfriends with Chad its because they weren't getting enough attention. It's not their fault If they're literal psychopaths, mean, nasty, snobby, arrogant pieces of shit its either because their daddy was horrible to them growing up or because they're stressed with work or they're on their period jfl. They're never at fault for anything. Abortion is no different, for some odd reason the baby that they made shouldnt be their responsibility and that is when our problems really started. If you are pro abortion you are a cuck and a Simp. Plain and simple.

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[Venting] Time to be honest: I'm extremely angry and unable to come to terms with the defeat that women have handed to men.

Let us not be fooled by any illusion here: after 70 years of relentless activism, women handed us a spectacularly crushing defeat. And now, after having subjugated us, they've completely remade society in their gynocentrism and matriarchy. They've dismantled religion and rationality, established massive control over the sexual marketplace, and coerced weak men into accepting prostitution as normal which has allowed them to rapidly accumulate wealth from socially and sexually starved men. No longer do women need a provider; they can provide for themselves through their whoredom. And now, as a result of all these changes, women have completely devalued men and reduced them to slave status.

They've handed us a brutal defeat, and they'll defeat us again when they crush Trump's uprising against gynocentrism. We aren't just losing, we have already lost in massively brutal fashion and it is something I can't seem to digest. It makes me angry. It boils my blood. Women's rule has been horrific to society; it has taken us back to hunter-gather style of behavioral dynamics with mob mentality and rioting. Our civilization is collapsing so rapidly, that the changes are noticeable from week to week! I just can't bear this. I would've roped had it not been for my anger and unwillingness to submit to this inferior gender.

but nobody will follow me, at best i will just end in jail accused as a terrorist.

They will not follow you or me into staging an uprising because they are low T, feminized, and brainwashed from early childhood into accepting the matriarchy as a just system. To them, our masculinity is inherently toxic and therefore needs to be kept it check.

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[Cope] I categorically refuse to refer to anyone that isn't a blackpilled incel as human being

normies, foids, soys, chads, to me they are all part of one big entity: the enemy. The enemy is not human, it doesn't have any emotions or logic, it is only able to destroy anything that isn't part of himself. It has no purpose and no soul, it's only a worthless parasitic cancer on this world. I don't understand how can an incel delude himself into thinking he can be "friend" with a part of the enemy, it will always try to hurt you no matter what because it's in its nature. As for other incels, I still don't know if I can consider some of them as allies or if they simply are other people, but I'm certain that the worst incel is thousand of times better than the """""""best""""""""" part of the enemy

This is the kind of shit that gives us bad press. Stop this shit. Just because you don't like someone doesn't make him or her less human.

They dehumanize us every day, why shouldn't we do the same? Especially since we have valid reasons to do so

You don't. From a purely scientific and rational point of view, they are human, no matter how they behave.

We too are human, but the enemy doesn't seem to care for it, so I won't do it neither. Also human =/= homo sapiens sapiens, a human must also have emotions and reasoning to be conisdered one

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RE: [Blackpill] chinkwhores give sex to white chad stranger but not to aisan boyfreind

Broke up with her asian bf, went to italy, let a green eyed older chad fuck her in her asshole, immedialty went back to her beta bux bf once she got home, he accepted her after she told hiim she cheated like the cuck he is, asked her to do the same to him, she says its dissrespectful that he asks. God I FUCKING HATE WOMENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! relationship advice is one of the most depressing subs to read. You get a sense of just exactly how much women cheat and how they justify it. worst part? The users fucking agree with the whores!

Tall, Muscular, Green Eyes, Objectively Very Good Looking :feelskek: The memes are real and they write themselves. Chad Alpha fucks(anally) Rice beta buxx.

Literally cucked by an Italian med chad Bet you he unironically looked like this

Kek and they say Blackpill isn't real and looks don't matter. Redpillers will say that the Ricecuck should hold his "frame" more and it's just a shit test bro.

I read this one; and that was when I was bluepilled. I felt very somber; it was then I knew the world was not how it was supposed to be. And yet this was the lightest of steps taken on my journey to co.

Welcome buddy boyo

Felt something shatter when I read her story, like I was empathetic to the boyfriend. I didn't want let the efforts of one go in vain. I needed to release the pain somehow.

“anne gus” #sexist thoughtcatalog.com

In recent times, Feminism has done great things to broaden the definition of rape. In the beforetime, the 19 hundreds and suchlike, the common perception of what was rape was limited to that of a violent and mentally unstable man forcing himself upon a woman against her will. But now, thanks to the great work of Feminists everywhere, we all know that image is a lot more diverse and nuanced—something that in turn makes it much easier for us to put away creeps for a long time without that pesky “evidence” they’re always asking for. We still have, like, a really long way to go, however—many people still don’t think it’s rape if the woman regrets it the morning after (I’m not even kidding—these people EXIST); also, “Emotional Rape”, “Visual Rape,” and “Thought Rape” are only just emerging as legitimate crimes, but it’ll be a while before they are regarded as seriously as “Rape Rape.”

There is one aspect of rape that’s like not addressed enough though, maybe because it’s quite rare. I call it “Reverse Rape” and no, that doesn’t mean a woman raping a man because that can’t happen—men can’t be raped because men are the oppressors—no, reverse rape refers to the rare times when a man refuses to have sex with a woman.

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RE: [Blackpill] Another WMAWpill for ricecels

dont really care tbh, racial loyalty is a stupid concept

If a village of 1000 people is divided into 990 individuals and only 10 people who work together to subjugate the other 990 those 10 people are very likely to conquer and rule over the oblivious 990 who don't believe in "identity" politics. If men stood together women wouldn't be doing this to us. If ricecels in Asia stood together their women wouldn't be whoring themselves to SEAmaxers. etc

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[News] Tech has hit a wall and it's advancement has slowed down.

This is more than likely due to the next to nothing rewards men would get now for making things. Why create when you'll be just another betabuxxer at best?

But we all know I'm wrong. It's clearly due to women not being in every major position.

Despite What You Might Think, Major Technological Changes Are Coming More Slowly Than They Once Did

What’s Happening to Technological Progress?

If the rate of scientific progress is slowing, America must step up its game

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[Serious] Femoids over 5'9 are men

They should lose their femoid privileges as soon as they decide to grow past 5'9. Today I went to Starbucks to get a vanilla latte before work and I saw THREE femoids over 6'0. One was this blonde bitch who was 6'2. Built like a fucking NFL athlete. Huge shoulders and chest but she also had huge tits and ass and gigantic hips. She heightmogged and framemogged brutally a bunch of soys as she ravaged her way through the building.
I had to get close to her at one point in the queue and I really contemplated suicide afterwards. Absolutely brutal. Who is making these bitches?

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A fucking cockroach,we are lower then a fucking cockroach.Can you imagine.We have never been touched,or hugged or kissed by a women,yet a fucking cockroach is allowed to caress her skin as if he was her lover all because the female finds them "cute tehehehe"

A fucking cockroach gets to hit all the milestones of intimacy(minus sex but that's because the cockroach cannot have sex,for if it could i wouldn't be surprised at what a women would do with it).

a cockroach is loves by a foid and taken care like a neet king whilst we rot.

that becky whom you had a crush for and loved,prefers to have a cockroach and pamper him with all types shit yet seethes in anger at just imagining(just IMAGINING)you laying one finger on her skin.

now the question remains.Are we lower then ants?


millions of normies and women take care of ants whilst you rot.

We are lower then bugs.Jfl,at normies approaching women when women find a cockroach more valuable then them kek.

take the bugpill

Soon foids would prefer the company of microscopic organisms in a petri dish than ugly men.

Andrew Anglin #sexist dailystormer.name

[From "☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️"]


All the old bitch wanted to do was to make it to November.

Now the bitch bench permanently rests her case!

New York Post

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court and a pioneering advocate for women’s rights, who in her ninth decade became a much younger generation’s unlikely cultural icon, died at her home in Washington on Friday. She was 87.

Yeah, she thought that president would be her fellow top cunt Hillary.


Well, that’s that.

I guess you might say… this case is closed.


Unsurprisingly, the ultra cunt Lisa Murkowski is announcing cunt solidarity with this dead Jew cunt.


Show me one single place where a woman in public life has not been a complete disaster. We need to end the concept of “right-wing feminism.” It is not reality. What is reality is a total cunt overload kicked into seventh gear.

Furthermore, beyond the rule of “no women” we need a rule of “no gay homos.”


The entire election is now going to be overshadowed by this nomination, which is a good thing, probably. Trump can say we’re going to completely ban abortion and start handing out machine guns to elementary school children if he gets reelected.

Dave Daubenmire #fundie #wingnut #sexist rightwingwatch.org

[ Note: I know this is a lot like something I previously posted, but I feel this deserves a place here.]

On his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning, radical right-wing activist Dave Daubenmire reacted to the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by calling her “wicked and destructive” and asserting that Christians should no more mourn her death than they would mourn the death of Adolf Hitler.

“Hitler condoned the killing of at least 6 million,” Daubenmire said. “Ginsburg—60 million. Do you mourn Hitler’s death? Who’s more wicked?”

“If it wasn’t a tragedy that Hitler died, why is it a tragedy that she died?” he continued. “Can somebody explain that to me, please?”

Later in the program, Daubenmire facetiously defended Hitler as he mocked those who praised Ginsburg in the wake of her death.

“Hitler had good intentions,” Daubenmire said, sarcastically. “He reformed Germany. He did a lot of good things. He rebuilt their economy. We’re just not going to hold this murder of these Jews against him, are we? He did a lot of great thing. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, why she went and advanced women’s rights. She brought women out of the kitchen. Oh, she did so many good things.”

“Do you see where I’m going with this, folks?” he concluded. “Wake the heck up. She was destructive. She was wicked and destructive.”

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[Blackpill] Lookism is the new racism

Racism doesn't really exist anymore.
Don't get me wrong, there are still a lot of racist people, but they don't admit it, because it isn't socially accepted anymore and they fear the consequences.
Meanwhile admitting lookism is totally fine.
There is even a lot of anti white propaganda in many countries (BLM, ...).

Lookism replaced racism and no one cares.
But the worst thing is, that it only affects men:
Calling a overweight woman ugly = body shaming
Calling a not good looking man ugly = totally acceptable

Even though the woman could just lose some weight...

We live in a time, in which discrimination based on superficial features is totally acceptable.

JohnWickCel #sexist #crackpot incels.co

I think one of the reasons that people now are so violent and confrontational now is the men women are breeding with.

I can't be the only one noticing how quick to violence the average person is now. They're willing to fight the cops, random workers at resteraunts, anyone over anything. Random workers are assualted for wrong orders. In my school they were so many arguments and fights, one kid even punched a teacher when he tried to stop one fight. I think this is partially due too women having kids with bullies and violent thugs now that they're allowed to screw whoever they want.

I agree.. it is like peer pressure but in the pretext of what pussy desires. It is like we are regressing to the Stone Age. By sexually selecting for violent characteristics, Foids are making the environment which Men act in. Foids tell Men what they want through who they go after.. they go after criminals that is what Men will turn into to get the Foids validation and sexual copulation.

We are regressing. Violent thuggish and/or stupid men are having the most kids. When's the last time we've seen a new tech creation? Where are our robots, AI, space travel? Where is our advancements?

I am looking forward to it. Americunts do not have much going on.

They'd never allow a fembot. Women would call it sexist and replacement.

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[RageFuel] The "helpful" normies.

Anyone else hate these motherfuckers too?

Here I am, coming face to face with the fact that I am unattractive to women, choosing to distance myself from them an society because I refuse to accept the life of a cuck and these motherfuckers take it upon themselves offer you "advice" you didn't ask for, don't want, and of course, doesn't work.

"Just get out there and meet women bro!"
"Just learn to talk to women bro!"
"You're too negative bro!"

You've all heard that shit before.

Somehow coming to terms with the fact that you will never be attractive to women gets these idiots upset. They make no sense.

Me: "I am unattractive to women and there's nothing I can do about it."
Overly intrustive Normie: "You see, this is why people hate you."
Me: "...wut"

Fuck these people.

Silence DoGood #sexist #conspiracy townhall.com

Please no women justices.

Without women voting the Democrat party wouldn’t exist. Pelosi and AOC represent most women.

While women neglect husbands homes and children, they are increasingly involved in politics, muddling the system up.

Women getting the vote has resulted in them being raped, molested, abused, and enslaved at the highest rates in American history,

Giving women the vote was a clever ploy by the bankers to give shift authority over women from husbands to Daddy Gubmint. The welfare state followed soon after.

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[Serious] Women age badly drastically after 26 - 28 so now that I'm past that age I actually don't want them anyway unless it's just for sex

As an incel in his 30s one thing that I'm noticing is that the girls that I know from school and college who were once very popular and the most attractive in those environments are now massively underwhelming attraction wise in comparison and have been for several years. It is like when these girls youthful glow is removed they lose appeal like a fast football (soccer) player when he loses his pace in his late 20s. So essentially even the high end of my 'target market' is garbage. And that's coming from an incel who has never been picky at all. Most of these women have now settled down with guys who look like generic chubby fucking pub landlords and are 10 years older than them rather than the thugs and chadlites they would limit their availability to before.

Don't get me wrong if it was available and put on a plate I'd fuck it but if but if the catch was that I would move into a flat with it, announce the relationship on social media, put up with it's complaints all day and support it financially I think I'd rather stay alone. This is why (although there are exceptions) if you search for girls under 26 on Tinder you will get much less of the "not here just for sex, looking for a relationship only" garbage whereas over that age they might as well make that statement their fucking profile picture.

Walking around hand in hand with an unattractive woman past her prime who is literally only with me because she needs a roommate and knows she can't get better seems like a vision of hell to me.

My Gods honest opinion:-

Dating after 30 after spending your teens and 20s rotting will likely do nothing for your happiness in my opinion unless the girl you are with is below 26-28 or still looks good. Anything besides = carry on coping

neonfairylights #sexist #racist reddit.com

If it wasn't for arranged marriage, most desi men would never be getting married.

Let's be real, most desi males are lvm. They are momma's boys, never had to cook/clean because their mothers and sisters do it for them before they get married and after marriage they get transferred to another poor woman who has to look after this man child. They are not good at romance either, because their entire idea of romance is from bollywood and other regional film industries which is CRINGE level 1000. They aren't the most attractive either because they don't take care of themselves (hygiene and grooming). Every single one of them is misogynistic and have issues with boundaries. They aren't generous in bed either because their only exposure to sex is porn and they can be quite perverted. They aren't good fathers because their only definition of fatherhood is earning money for the family (lol) which women are doing too nowadays, so if they want children, what do they even bring to the table? They won't help take care of kids.

This is exactly why arranged marriage is such a strict practice in desi cultures, because they know that if this system wasn't there, most of them would never get to touch a woman and would never pass on their shitty genes. To be honest, I want desi women to resist marriage (unless they find a hvm, which is highly rare) and not have kids. Marriage is a horrible deal for us, because if not for your husband, your in laws will torture you. Even the most modern Indian male is a LVM because the only difference is they are okay with women working and they are "sex positive" lmao. Other than that nothing. Save yourselves, ladies.

DominicanDancecel91 #sexist incels.co

[Serious] The pain of seeing a Stacy and knowing you'll NEVER fuck her. Whitepillers on this forum how can I ascend to Whitepill ASAP?

I've been Blackpilled for a year now. Although people don't give me repulsive looks, I'm still completely INVISIBLE to foids. With the ever increasing standards of foids along with Chadlites lowering their standards and dating FAR below their looksmatch (therefore wiping truecels and normies completely out of the dating pool) it's pretty obvious that incels including me on this forum HAVE NO FUTURE in dating.

The biggest pain in life is looking at a tall, hot Stacy standing near you or a Stacy in a short, tight dress sitting next to you on the train while you look at her PERFECT body features and smile and knowing you will NEVER get to be with her.

I get more depressed everyday knowing that no woman will ever give 2 shits about my existence all because of how I look and I want to get over this and move on. I know that going down the purple pill route (denying that I have no chance at all) is COPE and the Whitepill (being happy with being TFL) is the way to go if I want to be happy in life so...

My question to fellow Whitepillers on this forum is... from your experience how do I ascend to Whitepill as quickly as possible?

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[Serious] Rape is just a made up concept so Chad can keep all the women for himself

Just think about it. Sex is the only thing in the world that's a good thing that can "traumatize" you if you have to do it with an ugly male. Imagine if pizza is a foid's favorite food but she claims she's got PTSD because an ugly male bought pizza for her. It's the same kind of bullshit like "emotional support animals" or when women use "anxiety" as an excuse to get out of any form of responsibility. Females lie through their teeth and they'll say any kind of bullshit if it suits their needs. Femnazis have fought hard to make it so males can be convicted of rape with ZERO evidence. It's literally just an imaginary crime that soyboys will use as an excuse to round up ugly males like we're jews during the holocaust. Foids can just go down to the police station, claim you raped her and even if you have a perfect alibi with video evidence that you were nowhere near her at the time you'll still get the death penalty. That's assuming the simp inmates don't castrate you and let you bleed to death before you can make it to the electric chair. Being an ugly male in 2020 is considered a crime worthy of capital punishment. If you're ugly, you can be walking down the street and a foid can claim you slapped her ass and everyone in the surrounding area will lynch you while they tape it and post it on Youtube to get a billion likes. Women are modern day nazis the world over. A cunt can post a video of an ugly male being senselessly murdered in America and women in Russia, China, India, and Brazil will all like the video despite not speaking the language. Hatred of ugly men is instinctual to whores, they don't need spoken words to convey their feelings. Persecution of ugly men is a universal concept, even aliens will understand it when they invade our planet.

anon1822 #sexist incels.co

Apparently women think that girls are taught to "smile and hide their feelings/troubles". What the fuck kind of reality do they live in?

I've noticed this kind of comment many times in all kinds of communities. It's honestly quite puzzling to me. How the fuck do their brains do this kind of mental gymnastics, and moreso, how the fuck do most normies believe this shit?

Men are undoubtedly told to shut the fuck up and man up. Toughen up, take it like a man. You show emotion as a man and you've got a target on your back. Everybody will mock you or even bully you.

Women are coddled, pampered, helped, listened to, assisted in every imaginable way. Girls can cry and complain and show any kind of emotion and they'll be praised and supported.

What the fuck, how are people so brainwashed?

u/penelopekitty #fundie #kinkshaming #sexist reddit.com

Re: “Let's stop using libfem language. "Sex Work" is not a thing - the correct term is Prostitution.”

Language matters. I'm appalled at how many young women on this sub are involved in Only Fans, camming and other things that they call "sex work." This is not normal or healthy. Call it what it is, PROSTITUTION. This kind of thing has become shockingly normalized. Calling things what they are and not using euphemisms is the first step in turning this around.

CrackingYs #sexist #psycho incels.co

[LifeFuel] What is best in life? Hearing the lamentation of the women about losing tbeir abortion rights

They're actually weeping at the thought of having to use birth control or carry a baby to term rather than murdering it.

FreeSkeptic, r/TwoXChromosomes

Conservatives are celebrating the death of a woman just because it might allow them to turn women into gestational slaves again

It's sick.

Meanwhile they could care less about the 200k COVID deaths, starving children, giving women the financial ability to raise children, pre-natal healthcare, LGBTQ people, uninsured folks, etc.

They're not pro-life. They're anti-choice, and in the case of RBG dying they're actually pro-death.

Various Incels #sexist #pedo incels.co

RE: [Blackpill] russian predator hunters confront sub5 men in their early 20s meeting jb foids, russian guys make him kiss their feet

Psychopathic cowards using an innocent man who just wanted sex and affection from a sexually-developed girl (normal, non-psychopathic human desire) as outlets for their evil sadistic cravings. Kill them with fire in Doom II.


these guys are only making these videos for internet fame. they don't care about protecting minors, they just want internet fame

What pieces of shit. That guy didn’t even do anything wrong. All he did was show attraction to a foid that was sexually mature

and he wasn't even that much older. in many societies this age difference was common. if the age of consent became 21 (which it might in the future), then these guys would confronting a 23 year old who dates a 20 year old

It really is pathetic. It really could be raised to a higher number in a future because of how cucked soyciety is getting


Who gives a fuck?

Because those faggot whiteknights only mess with weak non chads.

Jfl those sub5 subhumans won't ever get a jb no need for these roided "justice warriors".While slavcels are getting caught like this chadimir fucks jbs and is safe and sound

Those whiteknight faggots won't go near them.

i bet some got their ass kicked by a predator and didn't air it

:feelsree: I want to see videos of them getting their asses beat by predator hunter hunters.

wereqryan #racist #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Serious] If you're white, race mixing is the worst thing you can do to your child!

Mating with any one of the mud-races will degrade your future genepool and cosign your offspring to constant mogging and suffering. The mixedracecel will never find solidarity in either one of his parent's communities. Its a disaster! We know that whites on average look much better than ethnics, so to mix with an ethnic is to downgrade your children's looks, thereby putting them at risk of inceldom.

If you're not white, not race mixing is the worst thing you can do to your child!

If you're not white, you should simply refrain from mating. The world is overflowing with subhumans. And if you have to mate, borrow the sperm/egg and do it via. surrogacy. Don't ruin a white person's sacred bloodline.

but high t guy with a black woman = light skin mogger

With a horrible face because blacks are ugly af! And dark skin is undesirable.

Potbellypos #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Serious] Why can't foids be bred like pets and live to serve us?

If we don't teach them language other than simple commands so they can obey us, then they can lead a simple life of ignorance. Think how happy your cat or dog is when you come home. Imagine having a sexy slut on her hands and knees ready to suck your cock when you get home. She won't be fat because she doesn't get to eat unless her master feeds her. All she'll want to do is cuddle up next to you or sit on your lap, in between periods of fucking for hours at a time. In this scenario, the foid wouldn't even be alive if we didn't breed her, so she owes us a life debt and must obey us for eternity.

LOLI BREEDING #sexist #pedo incels.co

[It's Over] The loli I've been stalking online since corona(6 months) turns out to be 5'11

Seen her today on the bus. It's actually fucking over. Why live as a sub 6'5 male in 2020? She was squatting in group photos apparently, her massive skull should've been a dead giveaway. She brutally mogs all her friends. And she's only like 14 or 15 at most so this may not even be her final form. :lul::feelsUnreal: I mean sure she seemed tall I thought hey she's maybe 5'8 at most that's pretty tall right no she's fucking 5'11 :feelsrope:

Silence DoGood #sexist #conspiracy #wingnut amgreatness.com

Whenever there is a controversial issue, you can nearly always count on the lukewarm RINOS, Murkowski, Collins, and Mittens being on the wrong side.

We need a conservative, constitutional, Christian male, on SCOTUS, just like the first SCOTUS Judge, John Jay.

Women voting has been a disaster for them. It’s not like those who will emotionally disagree with this have ever studied the 19th Amendment.

Warning to AmGreatness readers. American Greatness depends on American free speech. We have many purportedly conservative, pro free speech sites, which censor conservatives.

For some reason, Talmudic Jews control the Federal Reserve, media, schools, and tech companies, and they also control conservative media. Who are David Horowitz (owner of FrontPageMag, which banned me), Jim Hoft (owner of Gateway Pundit, which banned me), Ben Shapiro (owner of Daily Wire, who banned me), Larry Solov (Owner of Breitbart, who banned me), the owners of City Journal (who banned me)?

They are nearly all Talmudic Jews, and this is a gigantic Hegelian Dialectic game, where two opposing sides allegedly fight, but they aren’t fighting at all. They are fighting to enslave America.

Forgotten #sexist incels.co

[Venting] [Lfe fuel to baldcels] Having Chad as boss sucks

My boss is a almost 50 yo, biker, bad boy, Chad. He is married, but keep fucking Stacies who COMES to him asking for sex. Almost every day he tells me his stories about the uncontable sexual intercourses and orgies he had. Besides that, weekly I notice at least one or two new high tier Beckys (mostly MILFs) costumers interested in him, some of them come to me asking questions about him.

Life fuel to baldcels: he is bald, but have a beard. Looks like Kratos in God of War IV


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With the rise of the Feminazis, who consider the personal as fair game for public attacks and absolve their acolytes of responsibility for any despicable conduct, civilized behavior no longer exists in America. Ignorant, loud-mouthed, little people no longer fear what may happen to them if they don’t keep their virulent mouths shut.

When I encounter a venomous spewing individual who believes he or she can say whatever they want and get away with it, I simply challenge them to a duel by saying, “Peru turns a blind eye to dueling; it’s a short flight and no jet lag.”

If it’s a girl, she stands there in shock and I usually have to repeat myself: “I’m challenging you to a duel. You can even choose the weapons, so long as they are not T & A.”

So far my challenges have been declined, so then I suggest an old fashion fistfight, even if it’s a girl. After all, Feminists are strong, independent, and tough.

Once again, they usually decline, so I sue them for defamation. Victory in the New York courts for defamation is unlikely, but it’ll cost them a ton of money in legal fees. It’ll only cost me, a lawyer, the money to file the papers, and it’ll be worth my time because it’s a lot of fun. You don’t have to win a case to win a case.

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[RageFuel] The amount of times a sexually active male your age has had sex by now

Let's say that he lost his virginity at 16 and had sex just once a week since then. That's 52 a year and it's a low number. Someone who has a good sexual life does it several times a day in his youth or at last 4 times a week so 208 times a year. At the age of 22 that translates to 312 for a low number and 1248 for a decent number. And there are surely young sexually attractive males with higher lay counts out there.

If you are older and I am you are looking at much higher numbers than this. By 28 624-2496 . Even 600 is a rage inducing number but four digit numbers are maddening. You go through life coping that you are not missing out that much but in reality you are missing out on incredible amount of pleasure and validation.

Have a friend that started about 15 and had 3 diferent girls every week. how many cooming into girls uterus at this point ? we are 30+ now? I've not misset much, IVE MISSED TOO MUCH

:feelsree: That's why I hate women. They go through their life having sex thousands of times in their youth, mocking and shaming us but still expect mercy and compassion.

If I saw one of them bleeding on the ground after being run over by a car I would have pretended I saw nothing and walked away.

If you are a virgin past 20 the odds of suddenly recovering and becoming successful with women are almost no existent with each year added being another nail in the door preventing you from escaping this misery. A door with 20 nails is so fortified that only an ogre can break through and on the other side all the food has already spoiled by now.

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RE: [News] Comments on Meeks yt vid praise incels and the blackpill

(The Abyss)

Aside from his great looks, he's actually a nice person. At least he raised his voice for the Rohingya during their genocide. I think that was nice of him to do. As if any other celeb cared, then this dude swoops in. Based Meeks!

Literally every normie is virtue signalling to these terrorists. Nigga fuck the rohingya, they're getting the same treatment they subjected the natives of that land to for decades.

(Made in Heaven)

It's not just looks. It's also his personality. Women unironically prefer thugs like him and are turned on by his criminal record. Anything that isn't straight up murder does not turn off most women.

Unironically this. When whores tell a man its his personality, what they mean is he hasn't murdered, tortured, or beat anyone. You can legit increase your SMV by going ape mode, like ER did, and then he had holes wetting themselves over him. Is it any wonder why Islam allows husbands to beat their wives if they're being rebellious?

(The Zulfigar)
Looks are everything...:feelsbadman:

Women and most people here worship this nigger. Idk why

People here doesn't worship him, but he is literally the walking proof of blackpill. Like when redditcucks go mental Olympics with their imaginary friends. Ooh, I have this friend, he is 5'0 turbo dwarf with lotr orc face, and he fucks different women everyday. Sorry, silly inkwell, but all your scientific proofs are nothing in comparison. The same way, we can point our fingers at Meeks, and we don't even have to straight up tell tales, just look at him, there he is!!

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RE: [JFL] IT cuckold from Facebook telling us to love ourselves we're not ugly forever!

(insanus virginem)


to this day, the most accurate portrayal of my own transgender psychosis i've ever seen was in Silence of the Lambs. as a teenager, i would compulsively draw dismembered female bodies. i was obsessed with the female form, desperately recreating it over and over, imagining myself living inside that skin. and then my shame would lead me to ritualistically dismember that body on the page, piece by piece, with me still inside it.

IT nigger is a mentally ill tranny, figures. BTW trannies and faggots in general have not been the "oppressed" class for at least 20 years so just lol at this fagget. The average trannyfaggot has a much easier time at getting laid than we do

Still, there are a lot of trannies who have it real hard. It is not that much better, believe me. You have to really (at least almost) pass as cis to do good.


Jesus fucking christ. That thing will kill some femoid someday, if it hasn't killed yet.

This Also good signature, like I've also pointed out masculinity has been feminized, so all these incels going around the forum complaining about "not feeling loved" and that "they'd refuse sex if they thought the woman didn't love them for them" are just indoctrinated men raised with a culture of feminized masculinity, what a woman thinks of you doesn't matter, what you can get from her does

Reminder that these abominations are the "sensible" ones JFL.

niggas really get high on estrogen, cut off their dick and obsess with dismembering foids and then go and tell us we're violent psychopaths who need to be locked up for using mean words like "foid" or "tranny"

As a teenager, I was obsessed with the female form, too. But I was jerking off from it, I wasn't imagining dismembering it. But I guess I'm the deranged one, right ?

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RE: [News] 20 year old woman impregnated by 13 year old boy from sexually abusing him sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison

Chad will be chad Also 2 1/2 years? if it was a man... 200 years

Leah Cordice, 20, who later gave birth to the boy's child, pounced on the boy after a drunken night out in January 2017.The teenager was playing Xbox when she entered his room, pulled his trousers down and began a sexual relationship. When she became pregnant, she falsely claimed the baby was fathered by her husband - who also believed the child was his.

she was married lol

i know of a guy who had to register as a sex offender for 20 years for groping a foids ass but this foid gets 2 and a half years for sexual misconduct and abuse involving a 13 year old boy

This world is a clown world Was the kid white?

She said: “He became moody and withdrawn, it wasn’t like him at all. Then he started saying that he didn’t want Leah around the house anymore but I thought he was just being a stroppy teen.

Chad got bored wtf if a woman did this to me i would not teel anyone

The lawyer said: “This is a desperately sad case all around. There are absolutely no winners. The age gap between the victim and Ms Cordice is relatively limited.

hahaha but if it was a man... Bet IT wont touch this

Chris Brown lost his virginity when he was 8 years old Just imagine how much different the life of a chad is. What were you doing at 8 years old? How innocent and clueless were you? Because I know I was. And meanwhile chads were getting laid

its hurts

If you want ultimate proof that society rightfully sees women as children, just look at how it reacts to when a woman """rapes""" a male child compared to how it reacts to a man raping an underage female. Everyone knows that the 13 year old boy is physically and mentally superior to the adult femoid so no one gives a shit.

society worships foids

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[Blackpill] Women are like selective psychopaths

While a psychopath is not able to care about anyone, women might be able to care about an animal, or a baby, but never about a grown man who isn't their son/close relative at least.

I swear, how little they care about men is something that's giving me the creeps these days. I wouldn't be able to feel that indifferent and sadistic even towards my worst enemy. Yet they do it with men who never did anything at all to deserve it. Even if they have been romantically/sexually involved with a man, they might just move on and these men become as worthy as dirt to them overnight.

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[News] Saudi bans Loli Marriages

God damn, I just found out that as of 2019 December, it's now illegal to marry below 18 in Saudi Arabia, with the exception being that those 15-17 must first have parental consent in a specific court. JFL when "based" Saudi has a higher AoC than Europe. At least in Europe, you can legally still shag 14 year olds. Why do politcians insist on taking cunny away from us?

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RE: [JFL] Polygamy being a natural state of humans?

(((Psychology Today.)))

The article is trying to make people think that monogamy is unnatural so that they go around thinking it's the natural state to be a cuck and let hundreds of other men bust nuts in your wife, or to justify her whoring around.

I fucking love science and science told me it’s natural for Tyrone laquavius to fuck my wife :soy::soy::soy::soy::soy:

Unironically, this is exactly what a soy NPC would think.

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Dear Reddit LibFems: Nobody died and made your self important asses the gatekeepers of feminism. We're not "fake feminists" because you don't agree with us, nor are you as inclusive and non-judgmental of women's choices as you pretend you are.

The cognitive dissonance in pretending to be inclusive while actively stomping out dissent for your personal narrative is astounding. Sounds like they’re just mad we exclude Pickmeishas instead of going on SWERF and TERF hunts like them and wallowing in victim politics. We don't exclude the women they exclude and therefore we're the "wrong" kind of feminists.

And yes that mean's men paying for dates, contributing financially and otherwise demonstrating they're fit enough to have their offspring make it to the next generation. Why? Because we're the deciders, and we get to decide the decisions, and nature didn't make sexual and reproductive labor fair, and therefore we aren't either. If you don't feel confident your pussy is worth a $30 dollar dinner date and it makes you "uncomfortable" when men pay that's on you sis.

So let me get this straight, if I get paid to put on a school girl costume and call men daddy while being slapped in the face and then sell the video on the internet for strange scrotes to fap to, I’m more feminist than if I refuse to pay on dates and only date men who can carry more financial load? This is some Clown logic. Dudes are out here paying hundreds of dollars to sniff strangers' panties but for some reason FDSers are the outrageous ones? I would think the absolute indignity of making yourself into a sex object specifically tailored for male consumption would be the more problematic and less effective road to travel to equality but apparently that's SWERF logic and setting women back.

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(Note: He is reacting to videos of a woman reacting to the Tinder matches she received in various different countries)


The state of the sexual market world in 2020 Just look at how CONFIDENT she speaks about it all, IMAGINE HER LOOKS MATCH ( a fat neckbeard ) making a video like that judging the stacies of the world he matches with. JUST IMAGINE. :feelsclown: This system is FUCKED. FAT ACNE FACED CUNT - 9,999+ MATCHES :feelsclown: HER LOOKS MATCH IS A LITERAL WORLD OF WARCRAFT OBESE ACNE RIDDEN INCEL

She is way uglier than those guys but of course they will date down and fuck this bitch. SMV of foids is just tooo high

IMAGINE HER LOOKS MATCH ( a fat neckbeard ) making a video like that judging the stacies of the world he matches with. JUST IMAGINE

The Toronto one is GIGA SUIFUEL (3rd from bottom)



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[OP of “All western women are now prostitutes”]

Ie everything about them is transactional.

There is no chance of connection or chemistry.

Its "do you have the looks/money/status? Ok I will open my legs. If you don't? Fuck off".

Their bluntness and uncouthness is like a hooker off the street.

Even when I pass the 'standard' for this transaction, I find it uninspiring and offputting.

I have just realized I should just consider all westen women prostitutes, and treat them as such. Makes things more simple.

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Females know about compassion, but only when it’s directed toward them. They genetically understand how to take advantage of a man’s decency. Enough of these phony female hard-luck stories meant to manipulate a guy’s compassion. “‘Mister, I met a man once when I was a kid,’ it always began.” When it comes to females, mercy is not a quality that serves men well.

Men are by far the more compassionate. 74% of the females survived the Titanic but only 20% of the men. If females were the compassionate sex, the numbers would have been reversed. Of course, to a Feminist, none of the men should have survived.

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare programs—all were passed by largely male legislators and all have a majority of female beneficiaries.

Can you think of a single Congress lady who has pushed for funding to help boys who are falling behind in school? Do you know of any female-sponsored resolution that sympathized with the injustice done dads who are barred from seeing their kids? Can you name a law for prostate cancer research that was sponsored by a female? Sen. Ted Kennedy was the first to seize on the idea of championing breast cancer research, probably to increase his chances of fondling such glands.

I’ve played a few sports in my life and suffered my share of injuries. But whenever I was hobbling around on crutches or with a cane, never once, not once, did a girl give me her seat or move so I could pass.

Many females and all Feminazis have no concern for the thousands of men who die every year in gold and diamond mines as long as the ladies get their diamond and gold jewelry.

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FEMINISM & HOMOSEXUALITY; HOW HETEROSEXUALITY WORKS Feminism, our official gender ideology, masquerades as a movement for woman's rights. In reality, feminism is a cruel hoax, telling women their natural biological instincts are "socially constructed" to oppress them. Feminism is elite social engineering designed to destroy gender identity by making women masculine and men feminine. Increasingly heterosexuals are conditioned to behave like homosexuals who generally don't marry and have children. Courtship and monogamy are being replaced by sexual promiscuity, prophesied in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Rockefeller and Rothschild created feminism to poison male-female relations (divide and conquer.) Their twin objectives are depopulation and totalitarian world government. Why? These bankers create money out of nothing and think they are God. "Cruel Hoax" shows the connection between feminism, Communism and 9-11. It examines male-female relations and shows how we can take back our heterosexuality.

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Incels are not racists

I just want to say that we are not racist. I approve both these deaths with equality.(black and white) I don't care about the color. I am color blind.
I saw their pictures, faces and their arrogance in their eyes and face..these are the kind of women who have made me mentally and physically sick..
Good riddance.

”White woman shot dead by cop after ‘threatening to shoot him’ - but Kansas cops now say it’s unclear if she even had a gun” - Daily Mail
”Here’s what you need to know about Breonna Taylor’s death” - New York Times

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[Blackpill] I've Never Heard A Foid Say She Wants A Virgin Husband

Even from religious foids whose own religion bans s*x outside of marriage I've never seen them say they want a virgin husband the way guys say they want a virgin wife. Why do foids hate God so much? Chad=the God of foids.

Why would anyone want a virgin anything? There's your answer.

Because s*x outside marriage is banned in both Christianity and Islam. So if a foid is actually religious she should be a virgin until marriage and marry a virgin man.

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[From "Brown People are Always Going to Support Socialism Because They’re So Much Less Competent Than Whites"]

In democracy, you have all these different groups which you must pander to. We take it for granted, but it’s really an absurd situation: society is totally divided into groups and politicians have to segment out what they do for each group in order to get votes from that group.
As Joe Biden recently said, Latinos are not monolithic like the blacks.

He apologized for saying that, or rather whoever runs his Twitter account apologized that he said that.
The thing I would like to offer today is this: it appears to me that democracy encourages these social divides.[…]
If immigrants were expected to integrate, very few would bother coming at all. Moving to another country is a big effort. But democracy, with this system of multiple group identities, encourages them to remain in these blocs, which then encourages more to come here.
These people are always with the Republicans, because the Republicans theoretically support military action in Latin America. Also, because they are lighter-skinned, they have higher IQs and generally do not want socialism here in America either. In any mixed-race country, socialism is a way for brown people to siphon wealth from white people. (In a purely white country, socialism is a way for women to siphon wealth from men.)
We need to abandon democracy and go back to the classical American republican model of government. If we did that tomorrow, and made the white majority the singular focus of government policy, things would slowly begin to swing in the opposite direction.

You would see:
∙ Blacks trying to act like people
∙ Women returning to the guidance of men
∙ Brown people going back to their shitholes

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[Blackpill] Chad gets better grades in HS because of his looks

Most adult females are sexually attracted to teenage boys, there are plenty of "teacher bangs her student" stories to prove that point. Women make up around 75%-96% of all HS teachers or 77% in US. So a young 15 year old chad has mostly female teachers or in some cases all female teachers. And most of those teachers are superficial women who want to fuck him and will give him a pass whenever they can. https://stats.oecd.org/Index.aspx?DataSetCode=EAG_PERS_SHARE_AGE

Anecdotal evidence of this:

I once watched a talent show which had 1 female judge and 2 male judges. One of the performers was a 17 year old chad with decent but not amazing vocal skills. As soon as he finished and it was time to vote the female judge smashed the button to send him to the next round while both male judges rejected him. She then began begging them to change their decision saying "but didn't you see how cute he was?" This renowned professional dancer was begging two male judges to give the guy a chance until one of them gave in and sent him to the second round.

And this is what must be going throughout chad's teenage years. Grown women lustiing after him and breaking their profesionalism and granting him favorable treatment.

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Incel trait: women that are NOT mean to you treat and speak to you as if you were a child

It’s something I’ve noticed recently. I get two reactions from foids: bitchy behavior or talk to me as if I were a little kid

It’s because they don’t see us as sexual creatures , just weird looking labour machines

If a man is decent looking enough, women will steer the conversation towards sex and dating, but that has never happened to me; the notion that the man needs to initiate is complete utter bullshit --- if you have passable looks, you don't really have to do much.

Despite my vitriol on this forum, I am a lot nicer in public. If you are ugly and nice, women see you as non-sexual, and as you wrote, a "weird looking labor machine"

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[Serious] Incel trait: you were bullied at school

It's always the same people who get bullied in school or at work and they're always ugly. Ugly foids can get bullied too but there's still a huge difference between ugly foids and ugly men: they can find love, we cannot.

If you ever forgive your bullies for what they did, or forget their names/faces, then you're a cuck. I remember every face of someone who laughed at me and trust me there were countless ones. I would ALWAYS try everything in my power to ruin a bully's life. I want them to suffer and I have no mercy whatsoever with this scum.