Cornfed #fundie

One of the most outrageous crimes against Western civilization has been the inclusion of females in male professions such as science, computer programming, engineering and now even trades. Now we know they generally can't do the job, are only there on an affirmative action basis and deliberately disrupt things with their whining, victim mentality and histrionics. However, for the sake of argument, lets say that weren't the case. Lets say they could actually do the job properly. It would still be disastrous to include them for the following reasons:

1. If a man gets, say, an engineering degree and is actually allowed to have a career in engineering assuming the jobs aren't all given to affirmative action shitbags, then you can generally assume he will be an engineer for about 50 years or so. With a female as often as not she will quit to have children or whenever hubby makes enough money in her late 20s. Maybe she will come back in 10 years or so when her skills are obsolete and her heart is not really in it.

2. Supposing that is not the case and she continues to be a talented engineer her whole life. That inevitably means she is having no children, less children or is neglecting her children, so the engineering genes are being eliminated from the population.

3. Even if the females are not scum, their mere presence destroys unit cohesion. Formerly tight teams of men become rivals for their sexual favors, so any mind meld or creativity goes out the window.

Every single person responsible for the current situation should be regarded as the asshole traitor that he or she is and hanged, drawn, quartered and displayed on a gibet. Millions on scumball traitors should be executed over this issue alone.



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