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I'm assuming each initial of LGTB stands for something different/unique so im having difficulty believing that your LGTB (all 4 in one person) but maybe you are. I'm quite sure your human and never gave a thought to you having a unique branch of homo erectus, a gray alien, or someother entity. If no extra accommodations, treatment, finances, housing, ect are needed to allow transgenders to serve than why would Trump, me or anyone else who didn't reject to it on religious grounds have a problem. Since we allowed our government to pass nationalized medicine,I'm not sure how much (if any) savings are achieved with the transgender person paying out of pocket. We do have other Americans that love their country and can't server do to afew reasons so I'm not sure anyone can claim this is a fear/bigotry rule as you claim. On the campaign trail for the rep nomination Trumpbtalked of pulling troops out of Korea, Japan, lessen role in EU & UN so I don't see a problem with the decline in military personnel or decline in the budget/spending as well.



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