Article "Objectification" #fundie

Objectification is when someone treats another person like an object. Drexel Scott notes, "Generally, we love and appreciate our tools for helping us to build better things in our grand designs in life. A woman’s role in a man’s life is to provide her sexuality, femininity and childcare duties so that the man’s work in the external world will be supplemented and it brings them both to new heights of happiness and satisfaction."[1] CamelJockey notes, "The only women that against the objectification of women are unattractive women that no one wants to objectify to begin with. Pretty girls love being objectified. The ugly ones are mad they never get any attention. It's not that they're against the objectification, they are jealous of the objectification they're not getting." TrulySovereign notes, "Or has been stated here many times before, they do not like being objectified by men that are below the SMV male they are trying to attract."



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