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Friend, I commend your idealism. But look here....

It is widely known and accepted now that Roosevelt allowed the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor so as to shock the Americans into a war they didn't want to participate in before. Where is the outrage these days? No where. Americans don't even know about it, or they don't even care. Some even rationalize it by saying, "Well it was a war that we STILL should have been involved in regardless, so it doesn't matter if FDR knew! Hitler had to be stopped!" I bet some here on this site feel the same way.

Imagine 50 years from now, when the US is still battling the War on Terror and after countless of Americans have been killed by muslim extremists. Suppose the truth for 9/11 comes out then. Do you think Americans will care about the truth of 9/11 after all the bombings by muslim terrorists? Maybe even a nuclear or biological attack? They will probably rationalize it by saying, "Well 9/11 was neccessary to stir the nation into action because these muslim extremists are CRAZY, EVIL LUNATICS that need to be destroyed! It was the only way to get this country off it's ass!"

What about the truth of the JFK assasination? It's been 40 years, yet the battle for the truth of what happened to the man is still being fought. Despite all the independent research, nothing has become of it. Nobody has been charged for treason. Nobody ever will.

This is just how the masses are. You guys are noble in your search for the truth, but it isn't going to make much of a dent.

As I've said before, the only way true, meaningful change to occur is if the US economy collapses. We will all suffer horribly, many of us will starve, lose their homes, etc. but it is the only way this country will get pissed off enough.



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