Consoleman and Kominam #racist

(Consoleman): This is Japan, so why Japan is allowed to host Olympic? Also, why Koreans are still visiting that dirty place? It's not only unsafe for foreigners but riddled with radiation and Yakuza gangsters and Right-wing Japs. Korean government better have contingency plan to bring back all Koreans from Japan as there could be next major earthquakes, tsunami, and even violent riots that could leave thousands of dead Koreans just like Kanto earthquake's massacre of Koreans in 1930s. Japs are savages and no wonder they're recorded as sub-humans in most ancient Asian records. Back in 10th~16th centuries, Japan was like Somalia and Syria where extremists ran the country like warlords.

(kominam): It's Japanese character to be indiscriminately coward towards the elderly, children, women. Let's see if they are capable towards the men.
Don't forget the incident of the Korean woman fighter being beaten by Jap entertainers on Jap TV, actress Jun Ji Hyun being humiliated during
the interview by the male host many years ago on Jap TV, and many other things like this. Hell, I've been dealing with these Japs since I lived in
S. America since I was a child where there are more Japs than in the US, so the typical Jap character is nothing alien to me.



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