Shanobeigh #fundie

We have 2 daughters A, who is 17 & H who is 14, both of whom have been raised in a Christian home & both accepted Jesus at the age of 5. Our 14 year old says that she now considers herself an agnostic. My husband & I are sick about this. We don't quite know what to do. Our oldest daughter says she thinks that her sister is afraid of being made fun of @ school (this is her 1st year in high school) & is only saying she's agnostic so no one knows she's a practicing Christian (she still goes to youth group & listens to Christian music groups like Disciple, Dizmas, Fireflight, Red, Project 86, etc.).

Have any of you dealt with this with your own children, how did you handle it & what was the outcome? I am at a loss... if I try to force feed her, she may completely rebel & turn from God entirely. I know that our ultimate weapon as Christians is prayer & that God promises us in Acts 16:31 that he will save our entire household, but other than prayer, what, if anything should I do???




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