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I think Jews plan everything. They watch us like chicken hawks with the intention of taking over every position that's significant. "Look, we need to put one of us in charge over here or over there." For example, you can see why strange diseases are becoming epidemic because a Jew is the head of the Center for Disease Control.

Saw Katie Couric last night doing a report on all the "hidden" sugar in our food. How would she know anything about it? How did Katie Couric get to be an expert on food? That malignant witch seems to be glued to the TV networks. Every program she's been on was a failure with sponsors pulling out because people stopped watching her. But do the network CEO's want to can Katie Couric? No. Katie Couric is a Jew and therefore, immune to getting dumped. Recently she tried to paint the picture she lost her news program because she was forty. Katie Couric turned forty seventeen years ago and she's still around. Like Barbara Walters. Walters is 85, she retired when she decided she wanted to and is still doing specials.

It doesn't really matter whether Jews know what they are talking about. We can't turn on television without seeing some Jew flapping his lip about everything under the sun. Needless to say when the Jews are blabbing their worthless drivel white men are not expressing what we think.

Jews watch everything we do with the intention of taking over every spot that's important to us. (Otherwise, Asians or thick headed Blacks can fill in.) It's obvious Jews plan everything. They know what they want to do and not do. That's why they are successful and we are not. But for all the good Jews or any other race does for civilization it means about as much as air bubbles working for us. Their words and everything they do is worthless to an advanced civilization. Every thing about them is nothing but rubbish.



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