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I received this message from E. D. on Facebook:

A story for you, because you inspired me to it.

I work in a call center for prescription meds. A woman called thinking we were her health care, and she asked if abortions are covered.

I didn't tell her we were not the right company, I just said, "I'll take your baby."

She said, "What?"

"I'll take your baby and adopt it for my own, please don't kill your daughter."

She got mad and said,"Lady, I don't need no preachin'. Just give me the information."

So I said, "Well, you'll have to call a different number," and then I gave her the number of the local Care Net crisis pregnancy center.

I figure if Rahab was honored for lying to save the Israelite spies in Jericho, then I can take liberties with the truth to save a life, too.

E. D. is right. Throughout the Bible people were blessed for lying if to save lies. There was the aforementioned Rahab; there were the Israelite midwives; there was Jonathan and Michal who lied to their father and king, Saul, to save David's life; and there were the wise men, who God Himself told to disobey King Herod and leave town without saying where baby Jesus was.



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