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[Come on, surely some of this is made up and the maths stuff actually helps, but that teacher was obviously a moron. Or you were watching something :P. Tis long but still showing all.]

[A letter to the editor of his local newspaper]

Dear editor: I am writing a short, important letter about a situation that I will present.

Christians appear to have few rights today than most. The ACLU-led attack on Christian symbols, Beliefs, government-school activities and even words in the market place are assaulted unduly.

In my retirement, I have witnessed government agencies such as the US Post Office ordering their employees not to say "Merry Christmas" but "Have a Nice Day" or "Happy Holidays." Secular schools have censored out Christmas carols and even the name Christmas vacation to Winter Break/Holiday and so much more.

For a nation founded by the Pilgrims in 1620 as a refuge from government persecution to believe freely within the confines of a friendly government - strange that not only government but corporations/retail stores have been telling their employees they may not work if they say the joyful greeting, "Merry Christmas." I have become aware of this assault with others.

Perhaps it is time for real Christians, those that bring their Faith/ways to the public places to show their awareness of blatant insults to their presence by: refusing to pay taxes, deny their skills in the work places either in government or the marketplace, discontinue their excellent contributions to the culture, disregard voting, teach their children at home and search for another homeland as the one they wished to live, the United States.

On the other hand, live, stand and defend your rights would be a better alternative. Christian boycotts of stores that continue to denigrate Christmas and Christians is now in order."

Perhaps Christians should add to their wish to others the joy of Merry CHRISTmas ' the birthday of the Savior, Jesus" to make the greeting more apt.



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