Grace Kim Kwon #fundie

I don't like fathers taking on sons. The whole thing is warped. Can't they have noble fathers who give up life for children in story like in Starblazers? Why did fathers die in the battles in reality? Why do men become villains in reality? Villains go against the wish of good fathers. If one has a bad father, he could look up to God and also to the real sacrificial men in order to understand true manhood. No excuse for being bad.That's what's so unrealistic about Star Wars and all other Hollywood stories. The actual villains are baby-killing prostitutes and their playboy lovers and their perv friends. And Darth Vader cannot be good. Nazi generals were good to their own children but were butchering the Jewish children at the same time; those humans cannot be classified as good in any sense and deserve only execution after being given a time for repentance. Hollywood has no morality or a sense of justice; that's why they have problems.



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