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I have always had a problem with the "very real misdeeds". We know so little about ancient happenings in North America, when it comes to humans, so when do misdeeds start?. We do know that Kennewick Man, the 9000 year old Caucasian remains found in Washington State was declared to be an "Indian", because Caucasians weren't supposed to be in North America at the time. We know that the Paiute's oral history tells us that they genocided the "red haired giants" that were already living in Nevada when the Paiutes arrived. The Spirit Cave mummy had red hair, and has recently been declared to be an "Indian" because of genetic testing, even though red hair has never been an Amerind trait. Pre-Columbian Aztec art shows whites being ritually sacrificed, and the Incas have a White Gods returning legend. In Florida's Windover Bog, 7000 year old Caucasian red haired mummies have been found. The M'kmaq, the sole "Indian" tribe that has a written language, say that they were given it by non-Indians in ancient times. Amerinds have no history of mining, but someone was mining copper on Michigan's Upper Peninsula during the Bronze age.

The Amerinds did not, as they like to say, always greet Whites with open arms. They fought Europeans and among themselves viciously and almost constantly. The Iroquois genocided the Hurons, and the Ojibway fled from Ontario to Manitoba to avoid the same fate.

My point is that many of the "very real misdeeds" would likely have been much worse had the Amerinds been in charge. Past governments did what they did based on their understanding of the circumstances at the time. We are in no position to judge them on what we think today.



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