Brown Wolf #fundie

The bells ring loundly making the whole world have an earthqack as I hold on to tower's floor I look over the hell gate open wader seeing many demons come out so many of them see them blast out hell something is coming out the gates I call Rodrgo to pick us up now but then I head a Voice coming out the gates of hell the voice that so evil made my body felt cold and almost stops my beating heart I saw the hands out out of bell holding on the sides of the gates of hell I saw its seven heads with ten horns cover by many golded crowns its is the devil himself he stands 100 feet tall he roar out with a freedom yell, then Rodrgo came to pick us up he yell us hurry get in we rush into the helicopter


|Miguel|thats the devil Cousin

|Adrian]holy shit he huge and bigger then the giant we saw

[Freddyjis this the end Miguel?

[Miguel]no Freddy its the begining of the war of good and evil

Then I saw a bright comming from the skys I look at it and I saw the heaven gates open but behide the gates of heaven are Gods soliders of heaven riding the white horses the solider Angels wearing red robes with gold armor one had to be the leader of God s army he had a helment cover with gold and sliver he rise his sword and say on words brothers this battle is ours may the Lord be with us to slay this enemies for the light of Jesus christ for heaven and honor RRAAAA he yell out and they rode their horses down to earth slaying down demons it. Rodrgo fly off to the bunker to regruop we pass bv Ronie men but they were doing the same running back to their homes as I look back the C4s blow up the Tower makeing the Tower fall down crushing down many demons that under it seeing that tower fall made this battle worth the fight but I see Axon floting up calling his mater's name and welcoming him. seeing this made me lose hope may God have mercy on our souls.



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