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Evodelusionism is the religion of atheists, sex addicts, murderers, Monsanto, big pharma, socialists, communists, liberals, whores, and perverts...basically all those who are destroying all life on earth like evolution.

You think you are a scientist, but you are just the spokesperson for the most disgusting religion that has ever plagued humanity.

There are three absolutes in the DNA RNA process that cannot be overcome by evolution. Therefore evolution is a myth.

1/ RNA cannot make DNA without DNA to produce the original coding. They are simultaneously needed to produce eukaryotic life. There is no physical evidence of any RNA only creature making DNA.

2/ It is impossible for the human immune system to evolve when the pathogens that destroy digest human cells already existed before the first "human" cell.
It is impossible for any of the original life forms to exist based on this. The creatures needed to be built having an integrated immune system to deal with all pathogens and even radiation from sunlight that causes cancer cells that need to be destroyed.
Cancer is an immune deficiency disease.
Here is a video of how cancer cells are supposed to be destroyed by the immune system.

3/ DNA only shows genetic degradation and nothing else. Science does not operate differently in the past than now. Science has no magic in it.

Every year 30.4 million people die from Evodelusionism and immorality.



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