Projected Phallocentric Perversion Award

"I see phalluses everywhere because I'm not perverted like you!"

David J. Stewart #conspiracy

Please note what I am about to say... This perverted screenshot of Miss Swift to the right only appears in this 3:54 minute video for ONE SECOND TOTAL!!! (at 2:12 minutes into the video). It literally flashes into the viewer's mind and then is gone. Do you know why the scum producers use this popular technique in movies and music videos? It is because your subconscious mind fully absorbs the image, but your thinking brain doesn't see the image long enough to say, “Wait a minute! This is sick and perverted!” Well, I captured the screen shot (by pressing the “Print Screen” button on my computer keyboard) so you can see just how evil, perverted and manipulative these wicked people really are!!! Why do you think the scene is only ONE SECOND LONG? It is because Taylor is pretending to hold something in her vagina (I doubt if it's a real object), and making a clearly occultic gesture, and the Satanists who produced this video don't want viewers to take notice of what they're really doing. These too-quick-for-the-mind-to-process type of orgy, torture and bizarre scenes are commonplace in Hollywood and music videos.

From enlarging the screenshot (as seen below), it appears that Taylor is intentionally arranging her fingers in such a way as to give an ILLUSION that she's inserting something into her female area. I really don't like showing this stuff, but as of November 2015 this disgusting video (WILDEST DREAMS) has received 190,499,160 hits on YouTube!!! Personally, I think YouTube (Illuminati controlled along with Google) artificially inflates their numbers, to give the impression that Taylor Swift is a massive success. If the video only received 5,000 hits, it would make her look like an everyday YouTube user. Albeit, there's no doubt that Taylor Swift is extremely popular and her videos are some of the most viewed on the internet. Look at the enlarged screenshot below, and the previous image, and you decide! This is as perverted as can be...


Check out this split-second subliminal screenshot I captured from the video “TOO DRUNK TO KARAOKE” by Jimmy Buffet and Toby Keith, clearly revealing that Satan (Santa) is what the All Seeing Eye symbolizes in the capstone of The Great Pyramid. If you start looking for Illuminati symbolism in everything in society today, even in the churches, you'll be shocked at all the Satanic symbology in plain sight. Look on the back of any U.S. one dollar bill. If you want to see more creepy Illuminati symbols in plain sight, check out the 911 Ground Zero Memorial in New York city, and the new 'One World Trade Center' (which the architect admits is a giant erect male phallus, the same symbol as The Washington Monument in Washington DC). This towering erection symbol is called an “obelisk,” which started with the Egyptians millenniums ago in history. Freemasons are phallus worshippers, a major symbol of occult power! By the way, Nebuchadnezzar's golden image in the Old Testament was an obelisk, the EXACT same ratio as The Washington Monument, just smaller in size (no pun intended). I'm not making this stuff up, I'm just telling you how the real insane world works!



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