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There is no such thing as a lack of religion.

There is no such thing as a lack of deity.

The Divine Personage or Object you place any degree of Devotion into….is your God.

Even Simon & Garfunkel sang about the “NEON GOD” & Einstein treated the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF HUMANITY as God.

Atheism is also vague & nonsensical. When people ask what you believe, Atheist is not useful. It doesn’t describe who you are AT ALL.

Atheism (Without God) is purely negative & absent of anything meaningful when communicating who you are. IT’S A USELESS LABEL! It’s about as dumb as AGNOSTIC (Without Knowledge)!

Atheism’s definition is being redefined to the point where it has no definition or simply means UNDEFINED….which to my knowledge…Atheists worship DEFINITION & EVIDENCE…but their very label utterly lacks those virtues.

Only Nihilists (People who worship Death, Chaos, Darkness, Silence, etc) can be called ATHEISTS.



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