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There are lots of obvious parallels between the trans lobby and pedophiles. In both cases, the group came from the fringes of society and claimed that they were marginalized victims of discrimination and stigma. Both groups have attempted to ride the coat tails of the gay community into the mainstream by using the "born this way" template. Both groups make highly inappropriate demands of society to validate their mental illness. And, most importantly, both groups LOVE to point to the DSM's history of categorizing homosexuality as a mental illness as proof-positive that they're being stigmatized by the health care community.

I'm not necessarily saying that transgender people are attracted to children, mind you. But there's an easily recognizable pattern forming here. My main criticism is aimed instead at liberals, who are proving themselves to be dangerously easy to manipulate. They sincerely believe that they are sticking up for the underdogs, the most marginalized of the marginalized. A couple years ago, they were publishing articles in Salon magazine imploring the public to consider pedophiles as victims of their own impulses ( that article was taken down recently). Now, they're demanding that we accept cross dressers into our private spaces and our bedrooms. And they're apparently too obtuse to at least protect kids from this ideological mindfuckery.

To put it nicely, I believe that liberals are proving themselves to be incredibly gullible. I hope they end up just as embarrassed of their support for transgender males as they were of their support for pedophiles.

But for the life of me, I just don't understand why their bleeding-heart liberal sympathy stops short of showing an ounce of real concern for prosituted women and children. Not even for exploited little kids. It truly breaks what's left of my heart.



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