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How disgusting, how vile, and how evil this part of Harry Potter truly is! In Potter's White Magic Witchcraft, we now see human sacrifice occurring, even though we get email constantly from White Magic practitioners -- like Wiccans -- who protest mightily that they do NOT practice human sacrifice. Here, we see that this type of human sacrifice is exceedingly important to the operation of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry specifically and of Witchcraft generally.

Furthermore, this type of human sacrifice is actually needed in some types of spells and magic. A former Black Magick Satanist has emailed to inform me: "The flying potions main ingredient is the fat from a sacrificed unbaptised male child below a certain age. This potion, once completed, will allow the witch or warlock that consumes it the ability to fly. This is, I am sure, where witches flying on brooms came from."

The next time you see a witch flying a broomstick, you will know that a human being paid for this ability with their life!



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