“Italy’s first black senator has said his election for the League has proved that the far-right party, whose anti-immigrant rhetoric helped it to its best ever result on Sunday, has no problem with legal migration.

Campaigning under the party slogan “stop the invasion”, Toni Iwobi, a 62-year-old businessman originally from Nigeria, won his seat in Spirano, a small town in the Lombardy province of Bergamo, as the party took almost 18% of the vote nationwide.

“It’s an incredible honour for me to be Italy’s first black senator,” he told the Guardian.

He shared success in the region with his party colleague Attilio Fontana, the new governor of Lombardy, who at the start of the election campaign said Italy’s migrant influx threatened to wipe out “our white race”.

This dispels the myth that The League is not controlled opposition. The League is virulently pro-Israel and believes in the false notion of the “based” black guy. Civic nationalists and conservatives are worse than leftists because at least leftists have the guts to say that they want all white people dead and gone. Conservatives and civic cucks are spineless people that pretend to care about Italians, but then what they do is advocate for legal immigration of foreigners from everywhere. It is better to have one million illegal squatters in your country than one million non white legal citizens that will wipe out your race legally.

“Muh legal immigration tho” (TM) is so much worse than simply having thousands of rapefugee boats dumping Africans into the country. When the time comes to peacefully repatriate all non-white people out of Italy, the invaders will just say they are citizens and that will be the end. Italy has never been a country of diversity so why let the blacks take it over?



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