Robert T. Lee #fundie

[Critically examining the Ben Franklin quote 'I will not agree with your words, but fight to the death to allow you to speak them.' contained in an email]

Notice in these words this educated atheist quoted from a heathen named Benjamin Franklin: "I...will "not agree with your words, but fight to the death to allow you to speak them..." Doesn't this atheist understand how foolish such a statement is? Doesn't he realize how utterly contrary to common sense it is? Why would anyone be foolish enough to fight to the DEATH to allow someone the freedom to speak that which is wrong or that in which they disagree? Common sense says that the only thing worth fighting for is that which is right. And the only things we should agree with are God's truth and righteousness.
If any one hold views contrary to God's truths and righteousness, they are not worth defending and fighting for. No one in their right mind fights to defend people's right to speak that which they disagree with. The very disagreement is the beginning of a fight against it. I would never fight for any atheist to have the foolish freedom to speak anything contrary to God. But I will and am fighting against such a freedom simply because such a freedom is wrong.

" the glorious tradition of my nation will..." How foolish is the american tradition. Such a tradition certainly isn't worth glorying in.
"...ben franklin..." If these words were a quote from Benjamin Franklin, it should be quite obvious what a big fool Franklin was.



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