ARIZONA #fundie

MOST americans don’t realize,the return of the LORD will be like in the days of sodom and gomora,the depravity in america has reached that point now,ANYONE who believes the LORD will apoalize to sodom and gomora for there destruction is dreaming,MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT,has brough the ANTI-CHRIST TO POWER,he has a short time to get the evil he has planned done,the children are in great danger now as the anti-christ uses them as a pry bar to trick americans into doing his will,the LORD said “NO WEAPON? SELL YOUR COAT AND BUY ONE” he was talking to america when he said that,THE LORD KNEW,AMERICA WOULD BRING THE ANTI-CHRIST to power,he warned his children in 2007 who OBAMA was and warned about him,he told me, obama would bring great EVIL ON AMERICA,and he has,his war on the children is about to get started in a big way,MIND CONTROLED ZOMBIES will be attacking everyday soon,PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN,he’s coming after them,every event in the pass has been the death of children,he wants america screaming stop,this new bible is just another attack on christian america,REMEMBER soon the christians will be hunted as the death of children will be blamed on them for sure,ALL OBAMA HAS TO SAY IS ” THE GOD OF THE CHRISTIANS IS KILLING YOUR CHILDREN” and every devil worshipper in america will be after the christians,BE READY the ANTI-CHRIST WILL BE “COMING AFTER ALL CHRISTIANS” and he’ll use anything that he can think of to attack you,wake up and warn your friends and neighbors,he’s coming and it won’t be no joke when he starts,the blood will run red in the streets of america………………….



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