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According to natural law abortion is an act of violence that takes the right to life of an innocent child. It is called natural law murder. Taking the life of another in order to protect the innocent is considered justified homicide according to natural law. The government's duty is to ensure the natural rights of its peope. The violation of the natural law rights of the people were the justification for the United States to declare and fight for their Independence against Britian. Why can you libertine atheist and your allies not renounce murdering the children of the people of the United States.

[After being advised that the courts might not find it as "justifiable homicide" and that he is basically nuts he responds]

I am for riot and rebellion where we hang the judges. I am sure we will have quite the cheering section. War against the tyrannical oppressor and his dogs is the answer to genocide not vigilantism. The Declaration of Independence provides the blue print. It is too bad the you have chosen to side against the ideals of freedom which our founders fought and died for. [...]

You must regard the founders of the United States as being equivalent to Muslim fanatics as I paraphrased the Declaration of Independence. Eric Rudolph and Hill were vigilantes and chose to take the law into their own hands. They were not even strategically skilled about it. They should have bombed federal court houses and killed federal judges who are the real tyrants. If you are going to rebel against the government doesn't it make sense to actually fight the government. [...]

The government is destructive of the natural rights of the people and to remedy this I advise war and riots. This is provided that diplomacy does not work. I was criticizing Eric Rudolph and Hill on their choice of targets as federal judges and federal courthouses made so much more sense since they are the originators of the legislation Rudolph and Hill objected to. [...]

War for a just cause has been a tenet of mainstream Christianity for a very long time. The genocide that has been going on in the United States for over three decades is more than a just cause for war. There is a simple solution. Stop the genocide or face war.



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