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Let me be honest with you. This doesn't mean I won't be sad. Are you ready? Everybody that doesn't believe in God goes to hell. You must believe in God, or else you take your weakness with you to hell. It's actually true, as per the definition of God as the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob--- the only God. God sets up definitions for his belief: You must believe in him is one example. And you must. Since when does a god actually set it about that you don't get something for belief? The christian God sets it about that if you don't believe in him, hellfire is your punishment. And this does include agnostics too. The reason is evident: If you do not believe in God, you go to hell. Why be a person who claims an attitude of unbelief? To smite the creator, and intentionally choose to prefer a more just manner of conduct (which is impossible). When you intentionally choose the attitude of smiting the creator, knowing full and well that you will go to hell for your conduct, you are in danger of hell fire. And when you smite him for the last time and intentionally prefer hell fire, knowing full and well that God does not exist, you will actually go to hell.

After all, no God comes along and promises belief to his followers and doesn't promise hell fire for the disbelievers. The main reason I post to this website is to try and convince atheists that they are in danger of hell fire. And the reasons that they have for being believers is interesting. Does crossless believe that he is a signifigant enough atheist to warrent the behaviors I have described as the only ones that are christian, and embraces an attitude of hatred against the creator? If he does, he is in danger of hell fire, and should read this post before he does anything else.



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