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TSawesome: No, Jesus *never* said anything against LGBT people. I am also a Christian. You and I may not see eye-to-eye on many things, but that doesn't mean that either of us have the right to declare that the other is not a "real" Christian. You probably believe in a Young Earth of 6,000 years; I do not. That's not something that should separate us, and neither should the reality of LGBT people who are *also made in God's image*.

Mark Jones: Actually he did, he also spoke out against gay marriage. So that is an incorrect statement once again from you.
And just to clear up, God does not create people LGBT, LGBT is defined as sinful and God cannot create a sinful being as that would contradict His nature. Being LGBT is a product of a fallen and sinful nature, not God’s design. That’s Biblical, not that you like that though.

TSawesome: No, He did not say anything against gay marriage, but He had *plenty* to say against divorce and remarriage... where is your faux outrage against divorced and remarried people, Mark?

Mark Jones: Actually he did, he spoke out against gay marriage in Luke 17 and Matthew 24. He also spoke out against all forms of sexual immorality including homosexuality and lesbianism in Matthew 15:19. All of this understanding can be achieved with a little study. And yes Jesus did talk about divorce and remarriage, and adultery, and blasphemy. Just as he did about a lot of other sins, including LGBT.

Chutney: How is it possible for Jesus to know words that did not exist in his time?

Mark Jones: Erm because it did exist in His time. And before it as well. It was well known to the Jews that gay marriage was a contributing factor to the flood, so it was well known. Also on a slightly bigger note, this is the son of God we’re talking about here, He knows everything, so even if it hadn’t already happen in the past, He would know about it happening in the future. Pretty basic stuff right there Chutney, well the gay marriage part not so much, you have to do some research to find that out ... that is a big problem for a lot of people.



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