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What a relief to hear some sanity in a world gone stark, raving mad. My 18-year-old emotionally-vulnerable daughter also decided two years ago she identified as male. Her school, her therapists, her doctor, and her extended family all fell over themselves to “affirm” her without ever questioning why.

I would not. Nor would any of her immediate family. Compared to her two brothers, she was so obviously a girl, in her size (5’2?, 93 lbs), her interests, her voice, her movement, her choice of friends, EVERYTHING. For this, we were accused of being “dangerous” and “abusive”. Our daughter moved in with my sister, who restricted our contact with her, and would not tell us anything about her.

And her mental health suffered enormously. Her anxiety and depression exploded. She became a recluse, obsessed with the Internet. She was admitted to the psych ward three times, once forcibly. She became a danger to herself and to others. She flunked out of school. She is addicted to cannabis to help her through the day. …And the “gender-specialists” insist we must “affirm” her?

Make no mistake, these self-appointed “thought leaders” DO NOT GAF ABOUT YOUR CHILD. They are self-serving, negligent quacks who are propped up by the trans-activist movement, and who would otherwise be nobodies in their field. Thank you, Brie, for speaking out!



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