caamib #sexist

Lon, your fairy tales are just that – fairy tales. They have little to do with an actual state of most human beings. Simply put, if feminism made all the men in the world incel they’d quickly tear the system down and massacre those responsible. They wouldn’t listen to middle-aged men who have given up telling them to “let go of hate”.

Feminism is hate itself. It can only be defeated by hating it even more. Men most forgo some “consent” crap as long it isn’t defined in it’s sane form – as a differentiation between a married woman cheating or a married woman being raped. The OT often didn’t even make the distinction between an unmarried girl being raped and her just fooling around. It mattered very little to the consequence, which was that the guy was to marry her. That’s how a man is to think. You can’t think in any other way.

Also, your loaf of bread thing is also incorrect. At times, dealing with women can inflict worse pains that simply never having any experience. I was basically a feminist until I got more experience with women and saw what they really were – animals. Now I have more experience exactly because I ditched feminism and treated them like the animals they are. I wish it weren’t so but the only culture where women do behave is a patriarchal civilization where men guide them to good behavior.



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