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[on the death of Charles Manson]

Here was a man who was deceived by Satan, and claimed allegiance to him to the nth degree, never repenting. How many of us have family members and dear friends who have done the same.........maybe not even close to the same degree, but even so, sin and the rejection of Christ? Shouldn't we feel remorse for him (and them) when they never get themselves right with God through the blood of Jesus? And, they go to hell for eternity?

I know for a fact that God is not pleased that Manson will now spend eternity in hell...........He wishes that NONE would perish. He made the way for us not to perish through His Son. He extends that to all people, regardless of the level of their sin. I am disheartened by the anger and lack of remorse shown here. God meant us to be better than this.



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