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Italian boy dies on the consequences of an inflammation of the middle ear, because a doctor treated him with homeopathy. The physician is charged for manslaughter through culpable negligence.
The death of Francesco Bonifazi (7) agitates Italy: The boy from Cagli in the middleitalian province of Pesaro and Urbino got an inflammation of the middle ear 15 days ago. The doctor Massimiliano Mecozzi (55) treated the child exclusively with homeopathic remedies. When his parents brought Francesco to the hospital a few days ago, it was already too late: The boy died on Saturday.

According to "Corriere della Sera", the parents decided to not give their child any more antibiotics since he was three years old.

When Francescos illness began with a severe cold and fever, they frequented the homeopathic doctor. Mecozzi discouraged the parents from bringing their child to a hospital. "He scared them by claiming that the doctors would give medicaments to Francesco that would make him deaf or would damage his liver. He promised them that Francesco will recover soon", says grandfather Maurizio to "Il Mattino".

But the condition of the child got noticably worse. Over the course of days, the infection spreaded in the head and finally reached the meninx. As the parents brought their son to the emergency admission, a festering abscess had already formed. Francesco was brought to a hospital in Ancona for an emergency operation. An antibiotic shock therapy didn't help at this point either: The inflammation lead to death of the brain.

"We're filing charges against Massimiliano Mecozzi for manslaughter through culpable negligence", threatens grandfather Maurizio. According to "Corriere della Sera", authorities are investigating in the case: During a search at the house of the physician, the police confiscated his computer, cell phone and various homeopathic remedies. The parents of the boy will be interrogated as well.

According to a research of the "Corriere", the physician has a questionable career: When he was temporarily expelled from the physician's association, he worked as a doorman and as an allrounder in a supermarket.

Then he came into contact with a religious community in Varese, whose founders were accused of fraud. As the physician's association in Pesaro inquired to his occupation as a homeopath, Mecozzi replied: "I have no interest in telling you about it."

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The article goes on a bit longer, about homeopathy in general but I didn't found this neccessary to translate. If you find mistakes or something is unclear, please let me know!



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