Peyton D. #fundie

(Written to Dreams of Dunamis)

Hello im a teenager and im far from being a great Christian like yourself also im not sure how to word this so please excuse my writing structure but i do believe in god im writing this because i have been in a situation for over a year now and dont know how to deal with it my boyfriend had let a demon into his body but at the same time my boyfriend is blessed and has an amazing amount of angles looking over him. the demon takes over his body at times when my boyfriend lets him. The demon claims he loves me. I dont know how to deal with these remarks the demon had told me that in my furture i will have a child that has his power and the angles that look over my boyfriend he told my that my son will be the worlds greatest killing machine if my son came to know religion. I dont know what im looking for here other than an opinion and advice on all of this



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