GaryM #fundie

God may have impressed it on Cain and Bauckman to run, I don’t know, I didn’t hear either one of them say God told them they were going to win though. Cain did say he was in it to win, that‘s a little different than God told me I was gonna win isn’t it. There are times when God will put us in something to lose as well as win, both are in His plans and purposes. Of course there are times when people think God told them something but He really didn’t! When God tells anyone something for real, they can take it to the bank, it’s a done deal! I believe God has an interest in who is our president and I think God gave us Obama for a purpose and Obama thinks he won because he is so smart and smooth. Yes even sometimes God uses the bad things for His purposes! The devil also uses people, God will win in the end, God is waiting for everyone to close sides before He sounds the final horn that the game is over! No one knows the day or the hour but it certainly appears that we could be in 4th quarter with very little time on the clock! Watch and be ready! Choose this day whom you will serve! How long will people be stuck between two opinions?



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