KyleDiamond48 #conspiracy

(This lunatic thinks the moon landings were faked)

Jobs are sectioned off or prioritized to private. In government no one knows what the other one is doing.Conpartmentalization allows only the highest of highest to be the only ones whom know what's going on to the whole. If that. Everyone has their job. No one knows what the other is doing. And information is kept to the individual. It's certainly plausible that it could have been faked.

If you've ever actually saw or touched the lunar landing module. It's made from a substance that resembles tin. How's that gonna protect you from the Van Allen radiation belt. Earth pics are also faked over the years. Showing the continents shrinking & enlarging over the years. Read the flat Earth stuff with an open mind. It will astound you. Especially the jet flight refueling paths.



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