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In Hell I already knew the complete truth from God’s perspective. The ways of God are righteous, always righteous! Even though I wished it were not so, I knew that it was. The judgment of God is true. Everyone knows that truth there. The judgment of me being in Hell eternally for not forgiving people on the earth was completely righteous. In my own knowledge, being in Hell was completely righteous. I can’t tell you what that did to me then, or the soberness that it puts in me even today. It’s not like on the earth where innocent people have gone to jail for something they didn’t do. That never happens in Hell. Everyone in Hell is there because they are guilty. Because they would not love and obey God.

As I faced the reality of my judgment, I was in overload. I was inundated with an ever-increasing fear and knowledge that Hell is not only everything that I had read in the Bible but so much worse. But there is no overload shut-down mechanism in Hell. No shutting off, no taking a break, no passing out, and no quitting. The horribleness and pain in Hell accelerated and continued to get worse. I was literally experiencing inside my body the truth I had read in the Bible.

I experienced many other horrors during this vision, which I talk about further in my book The Hell Conspiracy. For the sake of brevity, I’ll cut it short…

Back to the Visible Realm
At the end of the vision, I reentered the earthly realm yelling. The worship was still going on, but I took center stage from the back of the room with my screaming.

I had no idea how much trouble I was in or that I would be forever changed. I had no grid for the loss or the gain that would surround my life from that day forward. Today, I still have an eerie weightiness whenever I share about Hell. It is a very important topic that everyone should take seriously.

It was the mercy of Jesus that He sent me to Hell and His mercy that He took me out of there. It was His kindness. It was His gentleness. It was just like when He saved me. But I didn’t know that. I didn’t know the day Jesus saved me that He saved me from all of Hell’s torments. I didn’t know when I celebrated freedom that He saved me from the bondage to sin and Hell’s eternal punishments.

It hurts to tell you this. It hurts to tell you about the punishment that was mine. It was Jesus’ mercy and love that picked me up and brought me back from Hell. If I had died in that vision, I would still be there.

The fact is that there are many people in Hell. Too many people! We can’t do anything about that. But how many of our family are going there? You know what? Most of us really don’t care. The Bible says Hell is getting bigger to hold all the people who are coming (see Isa. 5:14; Deut. 32:22). We should be doing something about it.



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