Joe_Smith #racist

[Answering question "What gives Jews an advantage over whites?]

They're shameless, they have no moral scruples, they're willing to go as low as they need to to dominate everyone else.

If a man offered to take an old lady's grocery bags to her house, and then when he got there pulled out a knife and robbed her, would that be because he's intelligent or has a better religion or whatever? Nobody in their right mind would argue that. So why do people do it with Jews, if that's exactly what they do on a larger scale everywhere they set foot in?

The frankly diabolical things Jews do to stay in power would never even occur to whites. Does it ever occur to a white person to write a newspaper article with the specific intent of hurting another person for no good reason? Does it ever occur to white people to use administrative or media privileges to promote lifestyles they know 100% are destructive to individuals and society as a whole? Do the majority of whites have a compulsion in their souls to leave the world uglier and worse than they found it?

Sure, there's bad white people who do the above, and they're a strong minority, but no majority. We historically banish or punish them, while Jews make thugs, sociopaths, and gangsters their community leaders. Then, with the gold they wield, they're able to not only break the white dirtbags and traitors out of our prisons and insane asylums, but go even farther by appointing them to represent our side in their "interfaith dialogues".



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