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I've found the cause of neo-feminizm

decades ago, feminism was all about equal rights. But these days, it's not about equal rights anymore, but about the depiction of women in various forms of media. You'll see these female characters who are deliberately made ugly, manly and / or fat. this is a new thing. on social media, beautiful women are frowned upon by female SJW's.

the reason is obvious. beautiful women are getting all the men and have an easier time to reproduce. Fat, ugly women don't, so they're jealous and angry on all those women who like to please "those awful, awful men".

it's as if, they're trying to force a new female ideal into modern culture. the ideal women has changed over time. Women are depicted differently in art, over the years. Ruben's painted fat women because that was the ideal back then. the ideal women of the 80s was different than the one of the 90s.

and today, the ideal is, what? a fat, ugly man-woman? thanks, SJW's. But I prefer my pamela andersons of the 90s thanks very much. I wouldn't touch you lot with a ten foot pole.



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