PhyllisCassell #fundie

Just one other reason to pull your kids out of the public school system. Sure, there are still some decent ones left in few areas, but most are liberal cesspools. Because liberals don't believe that you deserve the tax money you pay in to educate your child, they don't want you to have a voucher to educate your child in a safe place with good teachers. If you can afford it, pull your child out and find an alternate way for them to be educated. Liberals will leave the poor in failing schools with no way to get out, but it's time for the failing schools to go away. With the federal Department of Education leadership that is full of liberals, the USA is now #34 in the world in education, even though we spend more than most other countries. The money is obviously not getting to the children - more likely to the massive numbers of "administrators" that government has to employ. There are already lawsuits by transgenders against schools about this. A "girl" who still has male genitalia in Iowa doesn't like it that the school makes him/her shower behind a curtain after gym class. He wants to be treated just like the other girls, none of whom have male genitalia. This is a liberal's world of chaos. Why not separate bathrooms for Christians, Jews, Republicans, Democrats, whites, blacks, gays, transgenders, - I'm sure that liberals will come up with some other gender before it's all over with.



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