Anna Diehl #fundie

But now let’s take the teenage boy who is dabbling in dark magic. He is tired of watching fictitious characters like Harry Potter have all the fun. He wants to get his own access to supernatural power, and after reading the moronic advice of other spiritual idiots online, he’s ready to try out his first spell. He stands in front of a mirror and says a bunch of mumbo-jumbo which he believes is a spell that will cause glass to shatter. No sooner does he cast his spell, then the glass instantly shatters. Well, how impressive. Another sorcerer has just been born, right? Wrong. It was a demon who caused the mirror to break. But because he kept himself invisible and timed his actions to coincide with the boy’s verbal declaration, and because the boy is so eager to believe in a lie, it only takes one round of mirror breaking to convince him that he actually pulled off a successful curse. After a few more carefully arranged sequences, the demon has secured a new stooge, and our foolish boy is running around boasting to his friends of his newfound supernatural power. This is how it works in the world of the occult: there are a bunch of foolish humans getting conned by simple parlor tricks into thinking that they can actually make things happen in the spiritual realms. It’s all so laughably easy to demons.



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