Sam #racist

Yes, and when Obamacare and the new wave of taxes kicks in it will be damn near impossible for businesses to make a go of it.

I must confess to beeing sickened by what has transpired. And yes, much of my disgust is with the dumbass White people in the North.

I despise White libtards as much as groids.

But more than half the country is ‘Gibs me dat’. Yes, government scum bag union slobs and minorities both.

I thought with the internet and sites such as this, Whitey would begin to wake up. Well, a few have but not many. Most are traitors.

You would have thought that all those videos of Whites getting sucker punched, beaten, robbed and killed would have raised the ire of our people.

Same situation as in France. When the darkies went wild burning everything in site, YT retreated further and elected a full blown socialist who catered to the slime balls.

Sorry, but worse just gets worse for us.

There are some beautiful areas in Kentucky that were/are appealing to me. Very few niggers in those parts, unlike much of the rest of the South.

I would like to move from these deracinated fools up here. I can’t stand looking at their COWARDLY faces any longer.

Tammy Baldwin!! Are you kidding me??

Go to hell Chris Christie–fat bastard weasel!

My wife who is gun shy just told me she wants to get a conceal and carry permit and take a gun course. She never considered doing that before. Her face is white as a sheet at the moment and she is afraid of what is coming next.



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