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Another day, another mass casualty attack perpetrated by followers of the 'peaceful' religion that is Islam.

Of course, we won't call it what it is. Even in this article, it says "supposedly" ISIS did this. In these past 3 days, 3 very significant attacks.... airport in Turkey, Bangladesh, now this in Iraq.

This is happening every day and daily it gets worse and worse. What will it take for the USA, and the world to recognize this for what it is, call it what it is?

It happens so often that a blip is barely registered, and simply glossed right over by the media. We get something like... "In other news, today in Iraq 125 people were blown to smithereens. Yesterday it was 22 in Bangladesh. The day before that 43 at Istanbul airport. Sources say ISIS claims responsibility for these violent events. But we all know it is not ISIS, and not the peaceful religion that is Islam. We know that it's simply another random act of violence and so what we really need to do to solve this is to take guns away from all law abiding citizens in America. That is the only thing that will fix this problem... And now on to better and happier topics. It's now been declared that every day of every week of every month of every year from here until the world's end will now be known as LGBTQ pride and worship day. Millions celebrate at a parade right now. *cut to footage reminiscent of life in Sodom and Gomorrah* Oh, look how loving they all are! If only all the world could be as good as those who are LGBTQ! From now on, if you don't attend mandatory local celebrations and LGBTQ praise events, and bow down to any person you may come across who tells you they are LGBTQ, or even if they don't but you recognize by the rainbow insignia on their forehead that they are... you will be immediately arrested and detained indefinitely or until you successfully complete the LGBTQ pride re-education program in which is required you not only accept LGBTQ diversity, but recognize that you are not a part of that diversity or of any diversity and your life does not matter, you are no longer even considered 'human' and therefore the laws of this great nation, and of the Constitution, do not apply to you. Only those who are LGBTQ or worship and celebrate LGBTQ can be considered human beings. The rest, hateful and racist scum. Unless you are Muslim. If you are Muslim, you get a pass."

This world.



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