Imperium Sidhicum #conspiracy

Pity they didn't have the balls to go all the way through with that assignment.

The moment some aspect of history becomes untouchable and unquestionable, it becomes a dogma, and teaching dogmatic science is no different from religious indoctrination, since it teaches to unquestioningly accept certain ideological tenets, the doubting of which is heresy.

Holocaust is just this kind of dogma, perhaps the most heavily politicized historical event and one of the most heavily politicized issues along with race and sexuality. Any kind of unbiased, objective research in Holocaust is practically impossible, since the researcher is expected simply to reaffirm previous finds, or is immediately denounced as a denier and Nazi sympathizer if his finds happen to contradict the officially approved version, much like there's hardly an objective research possible on race or sexuality where no political pressure would be involved.



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