Philibert #fundie

Christianity is literally cultural marxism. “We´re all the same under god´s law. We´re all human beings. God has created all of us in his image.”
Tell me it isn´t so.

Read the slavic aryan vedas and get to know the laws of OUR ancestors of the great race.
Since it will take you some time here are a few thinks you should ALWAYS observe, especially as a woman.

Observe the law Rita and DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT DRINK ANYMORE ALCOHOL. It deals permanent damage to the DNA in your reproductive organs. In the case of men, you should wait at least 3 months after drinking alcohol before trying to make babies. As for women, they should NEVER drink any alcohol as in their case the reproductive organ does not regenerate.
I don´t know how to properly explain it in English and I can´t be bother to look up the translation but even our aryan ancestors knew that alcohol IS very bad for the women and therefore for the offspring.

Take care of yourself.



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