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Could the universe have evolved from nothing? How can something come from nothing? It's impossible by every law of nature, science, biology and physics.

If there was a Big Bang, from what source? Something has to cause a Big Bang. The laws of cause and effect cannot be dismissed. Where did all the energy and matter in this universe come from? There's enough energy in a loaf of bread to blow a small city of the map if it could be harnessed, such as with uranium and manmade plutonium. Everything around us... everything... contains the same amount of nuclear energy that uranium and plutonium contains; but they are stable elements and so we cannot easily change their matter into energy. Think of how much energy exists in this universe in the form of matter. Energy keeps matter from coming apart, because that's the way God made it. God is amazing and brilliant!!!

Only a fool would dare claim that something can come from nothing without any science to back it up, and still not believe in a divine Creator. The Bible teaches that God spoke the world into existence from nothing (2nd Peter 3:5). That makes sense to me. How about you?

If you think an asteroid hit the earth billions of years ago and broke off to form the moon (as National Geographic teaches), then you are retarded in your brain my friend. Only by stubborn wickedness and arrogant sinful pride can any human being sincerely deceive themselves into believing the bullcrap of evolution and the nonsense of atheists. Romans 1:20 says that there's no such thing as an atheist.



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