Steven W. Raasumaa #fundie

I HAVE THEM. I OWN THEM, THEY ARE mine. They cannot put this damn book down. They are fascinated, titillated, emotionally drained yet they are not yet saved. Why? THEY FIGHT ME. My WAY. My Love. My plan. Can you not see the vastness that is ME? Can you not sense my presence? My Power. My Love. Can you not see my sense of purpose, my goal, and my plans. I AM GOD. I AM JEHOVAH. Jehovah. The only name you need to know. I just "rocked your world." I just "Upset The Apple Cart" and woke you up. You were asleep. Now you are awake. You were not LISTENING, now try to. NOW, is MY TIME. GODS TIME, GODS PLAN. PLAN 1, game on. My way , No way, huh, you say? Yes Way! Oh, oh, I just remembered the Bible's attempt at this was Yahweh. Got U....GOOD. I AM GOD. I AM JEHOVAH. Bow to ME, not any other GODS. Of MY will, NOT yours. Bow to Mecca? NO, to HEAVEN. Bow to Buddha? No to Jehovah. Bow to ______ or anyone else (fill in the blanks please) unless it's Jehovah you just stuck out.

Swinging mind you, but struck out none-the-less. You just lost the big game. Your learn, you and your players, are on the wrong side. Yes. THE WRONG SIDE. I AM certain it will reflect in your report card. I AM sure the Angels who watch you will have a book of notes on how naughty you real!) have been. YOU CAN CHANGE. CHANGE NOW. I AM IN CONTROL. NOT YOU. I AM in the house. Not you. I AM the GOD of ALL of Earth. All of the Universe, ALL of the Galaxy known to mankind, womankind, humanity, and NO ONE. NO ONE could care less if you come or go. But I care. GOD. GOD cares for YOU my child. My loving little child. My baby. My offspring. My bassinet bundle. I AM Jehovah, my will does the battle. I always win. Now for those who Love me, FUN. Those days of hale, anger, loneliness and desolation are over. You hear me OVER. I ONLY LOVE THOSE WHO LOVE ME. That means YOU. I AM UNCLE SAM. I WANT YOU. It is ME again. Thinner and better looking. I AM the Easier Bunny and Kris Kringle. I AM THE SNOW, RAIN, AND THE SOUND OF RUSHING WATER. I AM THE SKY, THE MOON. THE STARS, AND THE HEAVENS. I AM ALL THESE THINGS, AND MORE. And now you know. I AM making you write more than you can handle Steve, your hand has dents from the pen. It aches from the writing, yet, you go on. 3 days ago I told you to expect a call. You will receive that call TODAY. Start packing. YES. Please explain Holy Father? Yes, it is The One you Love. Air Supply? Yes. Listen to "All out of Love" then "Here I Am." That's GOD. GOD Jehovah. That...Earth is ME.



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