Adnan Oktar #fundie

[Washington Post reporter interviews a creationist]

MARC KAUFMAN: What I would be very interested to hearing that how the issue of evolution first came up for you and how and why became such an important part of your life?

ADNAN OKTAR: Given the very explicit, solid evidence, Allah’s existence, creation is evident. This being the case, attempting to deceive all humanity, the world in general, claiming that the universe came into existence by chance is an extensive hoax. I realized the existence of a great plot hatched against the world. Even during the elementary school years I did not believe in evolution, the theory of evolution. During the college years I was more informed about it. However, the extensive research I made during the university years led me to see the existence of a very comprehensive conspiracy; a masonic plot was imposed upon the people in the world. There were 250 million fossils which we did not know about; we became aware of their existence. These fossils prove creation whereas not a single fossil exists that validates evolution. Not a single one. I examined the structure of proteins; their coming into existence by chance is impossible. So I decided to make people aware of this plot and proclaim it by my works, books and articles.



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