Snowhitey #racist

[John] Kerry is Jewish. The Jew is well-known for pretending to be something else. The surname Kerry is not his real paternal name. Jewish is not just a religion, it is an ethnicity and a race. As one other commenter said so straightforwardly ‘if Judaism is just a religion, why does the mother have to be Jewish for one to be considered Jewish?’ Jews are Jews in more ways than just belief.

Kerry pretends to be Catholic because his wealthy wife (Heinz fortune) is Catholic (Portugese) and the Irish Catholics in Massachusetts vote for him because he has an Irish last name and is a “practicing” Catholic (the last part of this sentence is my own conclusion).

Remember the one drop rule applies to Jews, too! And, if someone is screwing a Jew or being screwed by a Jew – literally – they are loyal to Jews, too. It’s a sick club that apparently is very successful. A group strategy….

We need to put our ethnic and religious differences aside and create a mindset of white group strategy. Only the committed need apply. I still believe whites can turn this thing around. After all, we know what whites are capable of, especially when pushed into a corner. I may have given up on the majority of white Americans, but the white race will march on… though it may be limping. When it re-groups, watch out!



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